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Lisa Miller

Outsourced Service Provider Costs: How to Ensure These Costs Are Managed and Monitored— Benchmarking

Outsourced Service Provider Costs: How to Ensure These Costs Are Managed and Monitored Lisa Miller hosted a webinar in association with the American Hospital Association to highlight the most effective ways of managing and monitoring your purchased services provider costs. Every healthcare organization depends on outsourced agreements to enable them to deliver quality patient care.

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VIE Healthcare Audiograms
Lisa Miller

Purchased Services Benchmarking Concern

Purchased Services Benchmarking Is an Invoice Line Item Effort Purchased Services Benchmarking Concern In this audio, Lisa Miller discusses how purchased services benchmarking is a detailed process. A method being utilized by benchmarking companies called Ratio Benchmarking is increasingly concerning.  The ratio comparisons are being used more frequently. It is not only ineffective in fact,

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