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Identify Opportunities for Cost Savings
Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Benchmark Your Contracts

Accelerate Cost Savings Initiatives
Become a High Performing Hospital

Would You Like Help Increasing Your Hospital’s Operating Margin through non-labor cost savings? 

Is identifying new and effective cost savings opportunities a top priority for you?
Do you want to exceed industry norms and achieve pricing better than your peers?
Are you not able to hire analytic and sourcing resources to your team because of a tight budget?
Are you concerned that you are paying too much for supplies and services?
Does your team need professional negotiation services so you are not missing out on cost savings opportunities?
Are you looking for ways to gain physician buy-in and internal engagement to reduce costs?
Are your merger and acquisition efforts in consolidating and reducing costs slower than you expected?

VIE Healthcare’s Margin Improvement Services Works for all Healthcare Organizations:

Independent Hospitals
Health Systems
Physician Practices
Surgical Centers
Healthcare Payers
Academic Medical Centers
Nursing Homes
How to work with us
VIE Healthcare's simple 3 step process

Step 1

Schedule a Call

On your initial consultation call, we will want to learn about your goals and how VIE Healthcare® can support you and your team.

Step 2

We Analyze Your Data

The team at VIE Healthcare® will create a customized solution specifically focused on your hospital's needs and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Step 3

You Achieve Rapid Results

VIE Healthcare® will dedicate expertise and resources that support you and your team to become a high performing hospital.

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What Makes VIE Healthcare Consulting So Different?

Covid-19 has caused financial havoc on hospitals and health systems. We help hospital executives accelerate non-labor cost savings so they can keep employees, rebuild their infrastructure and become a high performing organization. Hundreds of hospitals have saved millions of dollars working with VIE Healthcare in identifying and reducing costs effectively. Our attention to detail and rapid execution has helped our clients save over $720 million since 1999.

What’s my investment?

How much is unrealized cost savings costing you? How many capital and technology projects are postponed or not approved because of lack of funding? How many supplies and services are you paying more for than you should? Would you like more money to work with at your hospital? Investments in achieving cost savings goals are mission critical to an organizations growth.  That’s why at VIE, we believe we should only get paid when you achieve results.

Hospital Margin Improvement Services
Non-Labor Cost Improvement Strategies
  • Benchmark
  • Negotiate
  • Renegotiate and Assessment of Agreements
  • LEAN
  • Operational Assessments
  • Operating Room Performance
  • Improvement Assessments
Spend Data Analytics
  • Service Line Profitability
Invoice ROI™
Technology and Systems
Analytics as a service
Patient Experience
  • Front Line Driven Innovation
  • Patient Journey Mapping
  • Ambulatory Surgery Solutions
  • Excite for Employees

VIE Healthcare® Consulting carries out a comprehensive in-house analysis of your non-labor supply and service spend:

VIE Healthcare® guarantees that your non-labor cost analysis is carried out in-house by our team of dedicated professionals.
IT Licenses, Software Support
Purchased Services
Outsourced Services
Surgical Supplies and Implants
Biomed Costs and Equipment Repairs

The Five Pillars of Improving Your Operating Margins.

Achieving a successful healthcare cost transformation requires a ‘back to basics’ approach to patient care while respecting the economics of running a hospital.

Process – Our proven methodology analyzes your entire organizational non-labor costs which includes every line item of product and service spend, in every department. Our proven process examines your costs by benchmarking pricing, utilization, variation and we map your costs to actual reimbursement.

Patient – We make a difference in patient care. Our mission as financial advocates and advisors to hospitals and healthcare organizations is driven by our passion to support the delivery of exceptional patient care.

Purpose – We are driven by our mission of supporting the business operations of healthcare delivery and achieving breakthrough financial results.

Profit – Our deliverable to your organization is money. Not binders, ideas, reports or another software portal of data. We identify and execute on cost savings.

Professional – Since 1999, VIE Healthcare® has been delivering cost expertise to optimize the organizational spend performance of healthcare organizations. We execute on speed and performance with unparalleled results.

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VIE Healthcare® Consulting – proven expertise, on-time innovation, value driven solutions.

VIE Healthcare® has a proven track record of reducing non-labor costs by 15% to 60% in key spend areas for hospitals and other providers of healthcare such as nursing homes, surgical centers, larger physician groups.

To date, VIE Healthcare® has helped to reduce the non-labor costs of our clients by in excess of $740 million.

Would you like your organization to improve your margins, and optimize performance?

Be Heard – We listen to your challenges, your goals, your vision.

Get The Facts – We analyze your non-labor costs, your utilization and your processes.

Be Empowered – We empower your team to achieve breakthrough financial results.

Become a High Performing Organization – We provide proven cost savings strategies and rapid implementation of cost savings opportunities to increase your profit margin and improve your quality of care.

Discover the power of line item analytics.

Drive smarter decisions for your hospital’s purchased services spend.

Deliver cost savings in real time.

Invoice ROI™ offers invoice reconciliation, contract optimization, business intelligence and an analytics platform with real-time contract reconciliation and benchmarking performance.

Get clear visibility into your purchased services spend with Invoice ROI™ from VIE Healthcare®. To date, VIE Healthcare® has helped to reduce the non-labor costs of our clients by in excess of $500 million.

Invoice ROI™ is patented technology made and managed in the United States of America.


VIE Healthcare is on the cutting edge of innovation in cost reduction and improved margins in the health care business.

Alan Weiss, PhD, Global Consulting Expert

Discover 15 Effective Cost Savings Strategies That Most Hospitals Can Apply Right Now

Discover 15 Effective Cost Savings Strategies That Most Hospitals Can Apply Right Now

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