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Increasing Operating Margins Through Proven Financial Strategies

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Identify New Ways to Reduce Your Costs

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Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

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Optimize Spend Data Analytics

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Accelerate Your Expense Reduction Initiatives

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Benchmark Your Costs

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Measure the Performance of Your Contracts

VIE Healthcare Reapidly Implement

Rapidly Implement

Start saving thousands immediately with our contract savings analysis.

VIE Healthcare Identify Savings

Identify Savings

Uncover multiple avenues that can significantly reduce your costs.

VIE Healthcare Ensure Results

Ensure Results

Laser-focused healthcare expertise and technology that bring you results.

Tired of Watching Your Expenses Drain Your Operating Margin?

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Exceed industry norms and achieve pricing better than your peers.

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Analytic and sourcing resources that pay for itself.

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Minimize costs for supplies and services.

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Maximize savings with our professional negotiation services.

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Gain physician buy-in and internal engagement.

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Maintain or improve healthcare while lowering costs.

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Learn How We Help You

Expand Your Quality of Care Through Cost Reduction

How it works?

The simple VIE Healthcare three step process.
How It Works Step 1 Schedule A Call VIE Healthcare

Schedule A Call

We’ll assess and create a clear vision of your organizational needs.

How It Works Step 2 We Analyze Your Data VIE Healthcare

We Analyze Your Data

Create custom cost saving solutions that meet your goals.

How It Works Step 3 Acheive Rapid Results VIE Healthcare

Achieve Rapid Results

Save you money and become a high performing organization.

Proven Margin Improvement
For All Healthcare Organizations

Proven Margin Improvement for Independent Hospital


Proven Margin Improvement for Surgical Centers

Surgical Centers

Proven Margin Improvement for Academic Medica Centers

Academic Medical Centers

Proven Margin Improvement for Health Systems

Health Systems

Proven Margin Improvement for IDNs


Proven Margin Improvement for Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Proven Margin Improvement for Physician Practices

Physician Practices

Proven Margin Improvement for Healthcare Payers

Healthcare Payers

100s of Organizations Assissted
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700 Million Saved
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Million Saved
20 Years Experience
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Years Experience
3 Million Average Savings
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Million Average Savings

What Our Clients Say

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Consultant, Speaker and Author
VIE Healthcare is on the cutting edge of innovation in cost reduction and improved margins in the health care business.
Bill Kennett
Vice President Supply Chain at Hospital for Special Surgery
Lisa and the VIE Healthcare team did an outstanding job on an expense reduction initiative at the Hospital for Special Surgery. The VIE Healthcare team worked closely with HSS staff to identify and implement significant cost saving opportunities. Based upon their thoroughness, persistence, professionalism and results delivered I highly recommend the services provided by Lisa and the VIE Healthcare organization.

About VIE Healthcare Consulting

At VIE Healthcare, we understand how important costs savings are to performing higher as an organization. That’s why we’ve spent the last 20+ years partnering with healthcare organizations to reduce and eliminate unnecessary costs. Our team of cost savings experts, data scientists, technology specialists, healthcare business analysts, and healthcare executives deliver real results. Since 1999, we have saved our clients over $700 million.
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Discover 15 Effective Cost Savings Strategies That Most Hospitals Can Apply Right Now

Learn how to maximize your hospital's profitability while enhancing patient care.