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At VIE Healthcare Consulting, our deliverable is money. We are pioneers of hospital purchased services expense reduction and margin improvement.

Our expertise has saved our clients over $720 million in non-labor costs.

Discover how we can achieve breakthrough results for your hospital.

Lisa T. Miller, MHA

Richard Dormer, MHA

Jacqueline A. Oberst

Denise Bisogno

Bryan Covert

Malissa Page

Jim Cagliostro, MEd, BSN, RN

Pandush Mitre

Carol Turano

Lisa Miller, MHA

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Founder/CEO

“It’s important for hospitals to have a clearly defined cost savings strategy with purchased services as a component to that strategy. We provide our clients with a focused roadmap to achieve those savings through our expertise since 1999.”

Lisa Miller launched VIE Healthcare Consulting in 1999 to provide leading-edge financial and operational consulting for hospitals, healthcare institutions, and all providers of patient care.

She has become a recognized leader in healthcare operational performance improvement, and with her team has generated more than $720 million in financial improvements for VIE Healthcare’s clients.

Lisa is a trusted advisor to hospital leaders on operational strategies within margin improvement, process improvements, technology/telehealth, the patient experience, and growth opportunities.

Her innovative projects include VIE Healthcare’s EXCITE! Program, a performance improvement workshop that captures employee ideas and translates them into profit improvement initiatives, and Patient Journey Mapping®, an effective qualitative approach for visualizing patient experience to achieve clinical, operating, and financial improvements.

Lisa has developed patented technology for healthcare financial improvement within purchased services; in addition to a technology that increases patient satisfaction through front line insights.

Lisa received a BS degree in Business Administration from Eastern University in Pennsylvania and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

She is a member of the National Honor Society for Healthcare Administration – Upsilon Phi Delta.

Her book The Entrepreneurial Hospital is being published by Taylor & Francis.

Richard Dormer, MHA

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Chief Operating Officer

‘We bring opportunities to our clients that they haven’t recognized. That’s the difference with VIE Healthcare Consulting. We carry out a forensic analysis on client invoices and spend and talk to their end users.’

Richard Dormer serves as Chief Operating Officer. With extensive knowledge of hospital expenses across the organization, Rich identifies and achieves dramatic cost reductions for the clients of VIE Healthcare. His subspecialty is hospital purchased services and physician preference items.

Prior to joining VIE Healthcare, Rich spent nine years with two equity sales firms on Wall Street. He applies the same analytical approach he learned on Wall Street to his work at VIE Healthcare and has become an expert in finance analytics for healthcare organizations.

Rich is also a skilled negotiator known for his ability to drive down contract costs without sacrificing services or quality. His sharp negotiating skills contribute to his expertise in the difficult areas of physician preference items and clinical preference services.

While VIE Healthcare has documented client successes in every area of non-labor cost reductions, a tremendous amount of bottom-line impact has been achieved with purchased services and clinical items and services.

Rich has been at the forefront of many of these success stories, including:

  • Over $106 million in hospital purchased services savings during his time with VIE Healthcare. 
  • 20% to 40% expense reductions in clinical biomedical engineering, laboratory, sleep studies, and blood and perfusion contracts—all without eliminating services.
  •   Led teams of account directors and business analysts in capitation and fixed component programs to reduce millions of dollars for clients with physician preference items.
  • In 2017, Rich led a team of analysts from VIE Healthcare to save one health system more than $11 million, including over $7 million in purchased services.

Jacqueline A. Oberst

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Chief Data Officer

‘Our whole perspective is ‘We get a project and let’s get it done.’ We don’t ask if we can. It’s how and when it can get done.’

Jacqueline A. Oberst is a Healthcare Advisor and Author.  She has played a key role in the development and ongoing success of VIE Healthcare Consulting since its founding in 1999.  Her extensive experience spans over 30 years of working with healthcare and non-profit organizations, resulting in numerous process improvement and cost savings initiatives.

Jacqueline is a leader in healthcare telecommunication performance improvement.  She has developed proprietary investigatory processes used to evaluate an organization’s services. These allow for identification of billing and contract errors, overcharges, unused services and tax/regulatory charge errors. Jacqueline’s in-depth knowledge extends to pricing options for various services and she successfully worked to establish new pricing benchmarks, resulting in significant cost reductions within the healthcare industry.

Jacqueline’s work within healthcare extends to analysis and optimization of Information Technology services.  Hospitals often work with multiple IT vendors within their organization and the overwhelming volume of services is usually unmanageable.  Jacqueline’s expertise in data analytics has provided a clear path for an organization’s leadership to understand their current environment and make decisions resulting in significant cost reductions.

Jacqueline’s results oriented advisory work has brought savings in excess of $104 million to organizations throughout the country.

Jacqueline holds a BS in Business Management/Accounting.  She is currently pursuing a Masters of Science Degree in Data Analytics from Western Governors University with a completion date in the Spring of 2020.

Denise Bisogno

VP Strategic Client Relations

‘We all know that first impressions are important. I’m fortunate enough to be that for VIE Healthcare Consulting.’

Denise Mento-Bisogno began her career with VIE Healthcare Consulting in 2002, bringing over 17 years of project management experience specific to the healthcare and behavioral healthcare industries.

Denise’s innovative business development and client relations accomplishments have advanced our strategic partnerships with both non-profit and for-profit organizations. She leads the development of targeted marketing campaigns and effectively oversees the positioning of the client network base for VIE Healthcare.

In addition, Denise is responsible for establishing the cohesive partnerships that save our clients millions of dollars in non-labor cost reduction solutions for both stand-alone facilities and large multi-level healthcare organizations.

She has contributed to the continued growth of VIE Healthcare through her proficiency in attracting strategic new business partnerships, which enable VIE Healthcare to exceed revenue goals year after year. Denise provides industry research and identification of new client opportunities, communicating directly with C-Suites where she introduces our proprietary methods to improve their service delivery and to grow their revenue.

To date, Denise is responsible for linking hospital leaders with over $450 million in better spend performance. She is also responsible for over a 55% increase in client development at VIE Healthcare.

For almost two decades, Denise has participated in various long-term sales mentorship programs and ongoing learning and developmental opportunities. She is also a contributing member to the internal Futuristic Innovation & Insightful Strategy Mastermind group at VIE Healthcare.

Her energy, enthusiasm and professionalism have been instrumental in fostering new business partnerships and attracting nationwide healthcare organizations.

Bryan Covert

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Managing Director

‘What differentiates VIE Healthcare Consulting is that we don’t just come up with a game plan or provide a report. We actually work with our clients every day to ensure success.’

Bryan joined VIE Healthcare Consulting in 2012 and works alongside the top healthcare providers in the country carrying out high level analytics and cost savings work.

Bryan’s strength lies in strong analytics skills which enable him to analyze and organize complicated data sets, identifying trends and true costs. He is also skilled in working with pricing models to determine strategy and reveal underlying costs. He brings high level negotiation skills and intelligent negotiating strategies for the benefit of healthcare organizations.

His experience extends across a wide array of contracting areas from IT and purchased services to physician preference items.

While working with VIE Healthcare, Bryan’s success stories include:

  • Playing a critical role in driving over a dozen successful spine implant cost savings initiatives. These included a detailed analysis of reimbursement, side-by-side vendor construct comparisons, and physician utilization/landscapes.
  • Working with clients to navigate through very complicated EMR system renewals to drive six figure savings.
  • Successfully renegotiating and transitioning a prestigious university and medical center from Coca Cola to Pepsi which generated over $5 million in savings over 10 years, including $700,000 in Year One.
  • Helping to lead the transition team to re-design supply chain operations for a 459-bed health system moving from state owned to private entity.

Prior to joining VIE Healthcare, Bryan gained entrepreneurial experience as the CFO of two successful start-up companies in the public safety sector. During this time, he helped to lead a start-up public safety company to a $2.5million dollar pre revenue valuation in 2017.

Bryan graduated Cum Laude From Richard Stockton College achieving special distinction in the business program. He is also a certified NJ Tax Assessor.

Malissa Page

National Accounts Director

‘At VIE Healthcare Consulting client service is paramount. Our established process achieves sizable financial savings, while having a minimal impact on client operations.’

As National Accounts Director, Malissa brings over 15 years of experience in client relationship management roles to VIE Healthcare Consulting. Those roles have equipped her with an ability to develop trusted relationships with clients through pro-active communication and an intuitive responsiveness to customer needs.

Skilled in relationship building and with an eye for detail, Malissa takes an active role in understanding client needs and providing customized, cost saving solutions to ensure success.

Prior to joining VIE Healthcare, Malissa spent 7 years working in the healthcare sector. This time was focused on building and fostering strong customer partnerships and large scale savings initiatives for healthcare group clients, skills she brings for the benefit of VIE Healthcare and our clients.

Her experience also extends to Healthcare Purchased Services initiatives and Supply Chain Sourcing and Vendor Management.

Malissa previously held positions at Nike World Headquarters, TRT Holdings (parent company for Omni Hotels and Gold Gyms) and Northwestern Mutual.

She graduated from Baylor University with degrees in both Marketing & Corporate Communications.

Jim Cagliostro, MEd, BSN, RN

Clinical Performance Improvement Expert

‘Healthcare in this country is very complex. We cannot succeed or move forward unless we are willing to work together to achieve better patient outcomes.’

James joined VIE Healthcare Consulting in 2018 and brings to the role over a decade of critical care nursing experience at highly regarded medical facilities across three states. During that time, he observed both the ‘good and bad’ of hospital operations in a number of regions, giving him a unique insight and understanding which he brings to our clients.

That insight means he prioritizes patient care. He has observed for himself and throughout his career that hard work makes a tangible difference in the lives of patients. While at Stanford, he was extensively involved in training staff on patient care with Ventricular Assist Devices and Total Artificial Hearts, which reinforced the importance of education and preparation in order to excel.

It is this, coupled with his experience at the bedside in reputable facilities, that has prepared him to be flexible and work on a ‘patient first’ basis. Underpinning that drive for meeting patient needs is an understanding of the critical requirements for clear and direct communication within and between healthcare organizations.

James has a BSc in Nursing from Messiah College and a Master’s in Health Education from Penn State.

He also has 7 years of critical care experience at Hershey Medical Center (PA) and Stanford Hospital & Clinics (CA) and 3 years of PACU/perioperative/surgery center experience in NJ.

He also serves as chair of unit education council at Hershey.

Pandush Mitre

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Senior Business Analyst

VIE Healthcare Consulting is committed to delivering significant cost savings to hospitals and health systems across the US. Our Invoice ROI™ offers a unique value to the sector and empowers our clients to transform the quality of patient care’

Pandush Mitre brings a depth of business acumen and analytical expertise to VIE Healthcare Consulting, coupled with an ability to manipulate data to provide actionable information for its clients. He is skilled in creating efficiency in healthcare systems by reducing their reliance on manual processes.

Since joining VIE Healthcare in August 2016, Pandush has played an integral role in the development of its automated, patented technology, Invoice ROI™. He has helped to deliver significant cost savings to hospital purchased services through this guaranteed margin improvement expertise.

In one instance, invoicing errors extending over two years were identified in a client’s diagnostic laboratory services, resulting in thousands of dollars in credits each month.

Pandush is committed to empowering hospitals and healthcare systems to develop strategies to implement these cost savings.

He previously held a number of demanding positions in the financial services sector requiring adaptability and versatility. While working at Fidelity Investments, he was recognized for his work in reconciling millions of dollars in alternative investments through persistent work in Excel.

These transferable skills enable Pandush to obtain invaluable insights into purchased services spend for the clients of VIE Healthcare.

Pandush graduated from Monmouth University with a degree in finance and economics and is working towards an MBA from Western Governs University.

He possesses specific skills in coding language (M) for Power BI Data Modelling and an indepth knowledge of data manipulation and advanced Excel and Microsoft Office programs.

Carol Turano

EXCITE! Program Facilitator

‘Everyone has untapped potential and hidden strengths. Working with VIE Healthcare® Consulting I empower our clients to leverage theirs to maximize cost saving initiatives, deliver innovation and transform patient care’.

With her extensive experience in teambuilding programming and group facilitation, Carol Turano facilitates VIE Healthcare’s innovative EXCITE! Program.

Carol cultivates the multiple skills and talents of healthcare providers to enable long-term growth and progress. In addition, she applies creative thinking to offer transformative insights and solutions. These strategies empower hospitals to overcome organizational challenges, generate powerful ideas and rapidly implement cost savings initiatives.

Her unique strengths include the ability to enable hospital employees to explore and fulfill their own potential.

Prior to joining VIE Healthcare® Consulting, Carol worked as a Licensed Social Worker delivering therapeutic services for individuals, groups and families. A four year athletic scholarship also instilled in Carol a lifelong determination to succeed both on a personal and professional level. In addition, she has over two decades of experience coaching sports teams.

These diverse qualities enhance the skills Carol brings to her role with VIE Healthcare® Consulting. Her coaching, problem solving and leadership capabilities also deliver a fresh perspective to maximize the benefits of EXCITE! Training programs for our clients.

Carol is a certified/Trained Low and High Ropes Course Facilitator responsible for creating experiential learning programming for diverse groups including students, military platoons, collegiate athletic teams, teaching staff and businesses.

Carol has a BS degree in Psychology from the University of South Carolina, Spartanburg where she was awarded a 4 year Athletic Scholarship. She has a Master’s in Social Work. Since 2003 she has been a NJ Licensed Social Worker.

She is also a trained Strategic Intervention Coach and gained a prestigious Teacher as a Hero Award – on Exhibit in the National Liberty Museum, Pa 2016

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Lisa and the VIE Healthcare team did an outstanding job on an expense reduction initiative at the Hospital for Special Surgery. The VIE Healthcare team worked closely with HSS staff to identify and implement significant cost saving opportunities. Based upon their thoroughness, persistence, professionalism and results delivered I highly recommend the services provided by Lisa and the VIE Healthcare organization.

– Bill Kennett, Vice President Supply Chain at Hospital for Special Surgery

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