Optimize Your Hospital’s Operating Room & Perioperative Environment With Perioperative Consulting

Transform Your Patient Experience, Achieve Higher Patient Satisfaction, Drive Margin Improvement

VIE Healthcare Founded in 1999

Operating Room and Perioperative Performance is Critical to the Overall Profitability of Your Hospital. Perioperative Consulting can Help.

The operating room accounts for up to 70% of a hospital’s revenue, between 55% to 65% of its margins and 50% of a hospital’s costs.

An efficient operating room enhances patient satisfaction, ensures quality patient care and maximizes use of your resources to reduce waste.

Ways You Can Achieve Hospital Savings in the Operating Room

Organizations can achieve substantial savings when they limit the number of vendors for functionally and/or clinically equivalent products and implement a system that encourages compliance to established contracts.

Research shows that when pricing labels are put on products in the OR, individuals are more price conscious. Consider placing this into immediate effect, and measure the difference this simple practice can make.

Warch to Learn how to Reduce
Your Operating Rooms Supply Costs
by $1 Million and Increase Service Line Profitability By 15%

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Achieve Further Cost Savings with Perioperative Consulting

As experts in the operating room and perioperative environment, VIE Healthcare offers perioperative consulting and will partners with your organization to achieve:

  • Executive mentoring and leadership development for nursing leaders, chiefs of surgery, and business managers.
  • Surgical subspecialty program growth and development.
  • Operational reviews including staffing assessments, staffing models, block reviews.
  • Establish operational, financial, and clinical metrics, developing a culture of accountability among physicians and staff to achieve metrics.
  • Design, build, and implement information systems such as preference card reviews, staff training plans and building block plans.
  • Create multidisciplinary performance improvement processes, inclusive of nursing, anesthesia, and surgery.
  • Develop policies and procedures related to practice and process changes.

Three Ways to Work with VIE Healthcare

  1. Benchmark a vendor contract – either an existing contract or a new agreement.
  2. We can support your team with their cost savings initiatives to add resources and expertise. We set a bold cost savings goal and work together to achieve it.
  3. VIE can perform a cost savings opportunity assessment. We dig deep into all of your spend and uncover unique areas of cost savings.

With Perioperative Consulting, Discover how Your Hospital can Reduce Costs and Increase Revenues in Your OR.

Transform Your Operating Room and Perioperative Space to Optimize Your Hospital’s Operational and Financial Performance With VIE Healthcare