Innovative and Profitable Telehealth Consulting Solutions for Your Hospital

Leverage the Benefits of Telemedicine Through Telehealth Consulting to Enhance Patient Care

VIE Healthcare Founded in 1999

Technology is the key to Transformation in Healthcare.

VIE Healthcare enables your hospital to optimize its telehealth services and implement cost reduction initiatives through telehealth consulting. When you’re running a telehealth program or employing remote health specialists, you must provide high-quality virtual care to every minor patient. This is incredibly impactful for clinicians in rural healthcare organizations that need more accessible ways to connect with disparate populations. When you conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing telehealth systems, it’s easier to develop HIPAA-compliant telemedicine programs that don’t drain internal resources. However, implementation policies are rarely, if ever, straightforward, so that means that you need ways to collaborate and implement future-forward technology.

From cloud-based medical records and ER assessments to the use of mobile device technology, telehealth and telemedicine are critical to patient care and radically transform the patient experience. As many health systems turn to telemedicine programs due to COVID-19, you must understand how remote care impacts your brand and how it differs from face-to-face interactions.

Telehealth and telemedicine can:

  • Enhance patient care in remote areas. It’s easier and more convenient for rural patients to make telemedicine appointments. With effective telehealth software or a mobile app, you can provide quick, timely, and cost-effective medical analyses over virtual meetings. While this doesn’t work across all of your health services, such as your emergency department, it’s a more innovative way to acquire more patient data and boost patient engagement.
  • Improve the management of a chronic disease. Since chronic conditions bear so many healthcare system touchpoints, it can significantly impact a patient’s quality of care. Whether you’re a primary care provider or working with remote health professionals on a telehealth platform, it’s essential to understand how telehealth software impacts chronic care management. Since usual scenarios can overly tax health workers, patients, and affiliates alike, it’s crucial that you effectively implement telehealth applications that encourage more excellent chronic condition management.
  • Build better relationships between doctors and patients. Across the health sector, most patients crave a higher quality of medical care. With telehealth applications, it’s easier for healthcare professionals to provide this. Telemedicine platforms often encourage greater brand sustainability which can improve interactive workflows. Since telemedicine appointments are more convenient, it’s easier for health system providers to maintain care delivery touchpoints with active patients. Whether they’re working in rehabilitation units or tracking remote care thresholds, specific telemedicine solutions can significantly free up patient care bandwidth and lead to better patient outcomes.

Though COVID-19 precipitated a greater need for dedicated telehealth solutions, many healthcare providers and specialists aren’t sure how to properly implement a telehealth service. So whether you’re struggling to manage remote patient management due to COVID-19 or you’re looking for ways that telehealth service consulting can lead to more robust life cycle inventory management and contract reviews, small health tactics are simply a new way to address existing patient care needs.

To learn more about how telehealth services can encourage HIPAA compliance, promote patient satisfaction, and even identify cost-savings and growth opportunities, contact VIE Healthcare Consulting today. Our team of dedicated remote healthcare specialists understands how tricky it is for healthcare providers to choose the right telehealth solution. With our assistance and training, it’s easier for you to free up bandwidth for more remote appointments, help mitigate patient travel time, and even connect to digital patients via a mobile app.

With Telehealth Consulting, VIE Healthcare Collaborates With our Clients to Create Best-in-class Strategies in This Rapidly Changing Area:

  • Assess your current telehealth and telemedicine services, including your return on investment and the impact of technology across your hospital. You can often find reimbursement opportunities within your existing business associate agreements, billing statements, and electronic health records (EHRs). When you more critically examine your current services, it’s easier to make appropriate adjustments that can impact your brand for years to come.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance and improve your telehealth and telemedicine services. For one healthcare provider, this means looking for ways to improve appointment bandwidth and follow-through. For another healthcare provider, it means finding a new platform that can help significantly reduce service spend. There are plenty of factors and scenarios to look for when you review your existing data for improvement. Radiology, dermatology, urgent care, and hospital practices alike can leverage telehealth concepts and review areas of opportunity.
  • Develop a 3 to 5-year plan for large-scale telemedicine and telehealth implementation. If you’re a healthcare provider that doesn’t have a high-functioning telehealth services department, there’s no better time to start considering long-term planning and operational goals. Then, when you’re getting ready to invest in large-scale implementation, the right telehealth consultants can make it easier to enact new protocols quickly, select new software, and restructure your departments to meet growing patient needs.
  • Leverage technology to bridge the gap between physician shortages and growing demand from an aging population. As needs continue to impact the healthcare industry, telemedicine is one smart way to free up provider resources while still maintaining HIPAA standards. In the most effective healthcare practices, brands leverage technology to bridge these workforce gaps and encourage greater operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness.
  • Proactively plan for future healthcare trends. While it’s one thing to identify and address your current performance, you also have to forecast what the future might look like for your healthcare brand. Healthcare organizations can use robust toolkits to identify current cost-savings and tech implementation opportunities and invest in life cycle inventory improvements and future trend prediction to enable greater business agility.

Three Ways to Work with VIE Healthcare

  1. Benchmark a vendor contract – either an existing contract or a new agreement.
  2. We can support your team with their cost savings initiatives to add resources and expertise. We set a bold cost savings goal and work together to achieve it.
  3. VIE can perform a cost savings opportunity assessment. We dig deep into all of your spend and uncover unique areas of cost savings.

With Telehealth Consulting, our Holistic Approach to Innovation Places Patient Care at its Center and Positions Your Hospital at the Forefront of Technological Change.

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