Leverage the benefits of telemedicine to enhance patient care

Technology is the key to transformation in healthcare. VIE Healthcare enables your hospital to optimize its telehealth services and implement cost reduction initiatives.

From cloud-based medical records and ER assessments to the use of mobile technology, telehealth and telemedicine are critical to patient care and radically transform the patient experience, especially in rural areas.

VIE Healthcare collaborates with our clients to create best-in-class strategies in this rapidly changing area:
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Assess your current telehealth and telemedicine services, including your return on investment and the impact of technology across your hospital.

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Identify opportunities to enhance and improve your telehealth and telemedicine services.

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Develop a 3 to 5-year plan for large-scale telemedicine and telehealth implementation.

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Leverage technology to bridge the gap between physician shortages and growing demand from an aging population.

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Proactively plan for future healthcare trends.

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Our holistic approach to innovation places patient care at its center and positions your hospital at the forefront of technological change.

Our thought leadership on this topic includes:

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You Achieve Rapid Results
VIE Healthcare® will dedicate expertise and resources that support you and your team to become a high performing hospital.
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Throughout the relationship, VIE Healthcare was extremely responsive to our needs and we always believed they had our best interests in mind when developing strategic goals and identifying areas for improvement. VIE Healthcare consistently went the extra mile with a professional and systematic approach to solving complex issues.

I would highly recommend their services to organizations looking to strengthen their operational efficiency and bottom line.

– Arlene Walsh, RN MSA, Chief Administrative Officer, Capital Health