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Establish Your Hospital as a Thought Leader in Patient Care when you Invest in Patient Experience Consulting

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The patient experience is a cornerstone of any effective healthcare organization. Patient satisfaction scores can indicate how a healthcare provider’s services stack up to competitors, and your care team can leverage patient experience data to improve outcomes. When you combine these compelling patient insights with healthcare industry best practices, you can better position your brand in the global healthcare marketplace.

Conversely, brands that don’t show a commitment to developing strong communities and patient experience standards aren’t as likely to succeed. This is because the patient experience impacts retention, patient engagement, and overall healthcare system customer service. When a healthcare system fails to craft a robust patient experience and provide better care, it’s often unsurprising when patients seek alternative caregivers.

Working alongside our clients, we see every day that higher patient experience ratings are consistently linked to higher hospital profitability. What’s more, your customers are more loyal, and your hospital reputation is enhanced, with an increase in referrals.

Patient satisfaction is a goal of all healthcare organizations for several reasons, which include:

  • Research suggests that hospitals that provide a superior patient experience, leading to greater patient satisfaction, generate a 50% higher financial performance than average providers. The facilitation of higher customer service satisfaction can even trickle throughout your organizational development, boosting employee engagement, encouraging positive patient behaviors, and leading to greater financial returns. Since the United States healthcare marketplace is more competitive than ever, finding additional financial performance incentives is ideal for fostering long-term brand success.
  • Ongoing and positive long-term relationships with healthcare providers encourage patient loyalty, adequate healthcare, and good lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, if you read any U.S. news publication, you’re likely to see reports highlighting decreased patient loyalty directly related to customer service satisfaction. While some aspects of patient experience are more challenging to navigate than others, you must use strong organizational development and instructional design to connect with your patients and create deeper professional relationships.
  • Patient-centered care is better for your patients. Demonstrating compassion for patients is also associated with lower medical costs, better clinical outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction. Whether you find reimbursement opportunities in your existing contracts or your team members work to boost employee engagement rates can lead to a more holistic care model that addresses complete patient needs, saves money, and helps offset expected expenditures.

Improving the patient and family experience in your hospital requires attention to detail, empathy, and innovation. Working with a patient experience consultant makes it much easier to encourage program development, patient care relevance, and more robust patient experience protocols that lead to more excellent healthcare system enhancement.

VIE Healthcare Empowers Your Health System to Deliver all Three, Optimizing End-to-end Patient Contact from Admission to Discharge.

Create an unrivaled experience with our three core patient experience solutions for quality patient care:

  • A holistic experience assessment of your entire hospital, from 4 a.m. until the end of the day, including patient and family interviews. Today’s patients have unique, diverse needs, mainly due to COVID-19. As such, it’s essential to accurately query patients, team members, family members, and other employees for program adherence, feedback, and areas of improvement.
  • An actionable roadmap based on the insights of the patient experience assessment, coupled with a comprehensive report and innovative ideas for improvement. Your roadmap enables process facilitation that makes it easier to invest in program development and instructional design enhancement opportunities that can help you meet new benchmarks and set realistic health system goals. In addition, this roadmap can help get your practice to the best place possible and outline ways to mitigate payer expenses.
  • Our exclusive EXCITE! Training offers an interactive workshop guaranteed to realize cost savings and revenue improvement ideas of over $100,000 for your organization. In addition, this interactive workshop can teach you more about program development, instructional design, and how your clinic can benefit from an increased focus on patient care needs.

Three Ways to Work with VIE Healthcare

  1. Benchmark a vendor contract – either an existing contract or a new agreement.
  2. We can support your team with their cost savings initiatives to add resources and expertise. We set a bold cost savings goal and work together to achieve it.
  3. VIE can perform a cost savings opportunity assessment. We dig deep into all of your spend and uncover unique areas of cost savings.

Resources on patient experience consulting include:

Additional Healthcare Consulting services include:

Our additional services include Patient Journey Mapping™. This innovative process closely follows your patient’s journey to deliver unique frontline insights.

To learn more about how you can monitor patient experience metrics, ensure best practices adherence, and increase employee engagement, contact VIE Healthcare Consulting today. Our team combines many years of experience in helping healthcare organizations take cues from their existing data to make large-scale business and process improvements. So whether you need an effective patient engagement dashboard you can access from your iPad, or you want to find ways to improve point-of-care outcomes, VIE Healthcare Consulting can empower your brand, help you achieve cost savings, and grow your bottom line. Our team is ready to help you improve your healthcare experience.

Establish Your Hospital as a Thought Leader in Patient Care With a Reputation for Excellence by Investing in Patient Experience Consulting.

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