Cost Savings Strategy for Hospitals

Your hospital needs a cost savings strategy that is
linked to a bold vision for its future.

VIE Healthcare cost savings ideas for hospitals Cost Saving Strategy for Hospitals
  • A bold vision for cost savings isn’t about incremental savings and playing small.
  • A bold vision happens when you, as a leader, make a decision about the future.
  • A bold vision happens when you put a stake in the ground, declare the precise amount of savings your hospital needs to operate in today’s world and then set out to create the strategy that will ensure this happens.

That’s What we do at VIE Healthcare®.

At VIE Healthcare®, we have helped hospitals save close to a billion dollars in real, non-labor cost savings. We do this through our proprietary approach to developing cost savings strategies, utilizing our team of margin improvement experts, and leveraging the technology we have created to ensure your success.
Strategy is hard to do alone, for any organization, much less hospitals.
Cost savings runs into all aspects of your organization and impacts people, care providers, supplies, and the decisions that are being made every day.
Our team of experts will help you to determine the most effective way to approach your bold vision and to develop a cost savings strategy that works for your hospital.

This is how it Works when you Decide to Partner With us on Your Cost Savings Strategy:

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You’ll receive an intake form from us with some pre-work to complete prior to your strategy session.

This allows us to gather background information on your hospital and start our own preparation for your cost savings strategy.

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Next, you’ll participate in a three to four hour strategy session with our team of cost savings experts.

Depending on the location of your hospital, this can be done virtually or in person. During this strategy session, we’ll explore your bold vision, and have a deep cost savings conversation with stakeholders to gather and identify all cost savings opportunities that are aligned with your vision.

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From there, our team will go away and prepare your strategy. We will analyze the data to determine and provide you with the most robust cost savings strategy imaginable for your hospital.

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We will isolate the best strategies for the most immediate cost reduction wins and create a phased approach to helping you garner long term cost savings, extraction of unnecessary costs and ongoing cost management and cost protection for your hospital.

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You’ll Receive a Comprehensive Cost Savings Roadmap, Presented to You and Your Team Within 14 days.

This meeting will be the kickoff to realizing the bold vision you’ve had for your hospital all along. It is the turning point when you reflect on your actions as a leader and be confident, you’re managing the finances and economics of your hospital to the absolute best of your ability, to ensure the best possible patient care.

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