Are you Looking for a Healthcare Expert who can Deliver a Powerful Keynote at Your Next Conference or Event?

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Lisa Miller Keynote Speaker

Lisa Miller is a dynamic speaker who has been teaching and speaking in the Healthcare Industry for decades. She brings a insightful and innovative approach to each of her keynotes to customize an in-depth learning experience for attendees.

Some of the Keynote Presentations Lisa Miller Offers Include:


Gain a Cost Advantage

Hospital and healthcare leaders are looking for ways to gain a cost advantage by reducing and eliminating unnecessary costs. In this powerful keynote you will walk away with a clear understanding of:

  • Why strategic initiatives fail
  • Why strategic initiatives succeed
  • Why you need a cost savings strategy
  • 5 key things you need to in play to start your own strategic initiative and succeed

The Physician Financial Advantage

Physicians and physician preference items are a key part of every cost savings strategy. You can work in collaboration with your physicians to get the outcomes you desire while improving patient care. Key outcomes from this presentation include:

  • The Influence Factor
  • Why Data Matters
  • Collaboration for Cost Savings
  • Complex strategy with Physician alignment
  • Better business case for the Physicians

Negotiate This!

Your vendors are all highly skilled in the art of negotiation. For your team to be able to negotiate agreements on your behalf, they need to be equipped with the right skills, support and tools for success. Key outcomes from this presentation include:

  • Path to pain – why negotiating is hard for your team
  • How to negotiate
  • Why to use an outside party for negotiations
  • Training + outside firm is the best negotiation combination
  • You need an advisor in your story

Departmental Drivers for Cost Savings

Every department contributes to your hospital’s cost savings strategy. If you you’re your strategy to be successful, you need to empower your department leaders, and encourage cross functional collaboration to maximize your cost savings outcomes. Key outcomes from this presentation include:
  • Departments have their own budgets and ways of looking at cost
  • Help department leaders reduce their department cost
  • Micro cost savings
  • If every department saves, the hospital wins

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