Your Hospital Purchased Services Cost Savings is Hiding in the Invoice Line Item Details

An Innovative Technology in the Healthcare Purchased Services Industry Automates Manual Labor to Reconcile Thousands of Line Item Details & Immediately Find Errors That Lead to Hospitals Overspending.

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VIE Healthcare Delivers Unparalleled Purchased Services Costs Savings With Invoice ROI™

  1. VIE Healthcare’s patented technology gives you the most complete picture of your purchased services spend so you can optimize cost savings.
    • VIE Healthcare has developed a patented technology that rapidly analyzes the complete line-item details of every invoice from the past 12 months, giving you unparalleled insight into your exact historical spend.
    • Our technology allows us to go far beyond simple benchmarking or spot-checking. We can determine where there have been over-charges, exactly what and how much of your spend is out of contract, and detailed areas where the costs can be improved beyond just at a macro-services level.
    • This complete detailed spend analysis would take weeks or months to do manually, but our software allows us to it in days, at a very high level of accuracy.
  2. VIE Healthcare has proven, deep, specialized expertise in complexities of purchased service agreements, giving hospitals unrivaled insight into areas of potential cost savings.
    • Purchased services agreements can be extremely complex. VIE Healthcare has specialized in analyzing spend related to purchased services for over 21 years, and our highly experienced analysts know exactly where to look for cost savings. We can help decipher the details of your current agreements, including minimums, maximums, bulk discounts, inclusions, exclusions, and more, and then map those to the details of your contracts, including amendments. Our expertise uncovers every area for potential savings.
  3. VIE Healthcare delivers cost savings in weeks, not months or years
    • Our software helps us analyze your past data very quickly so that we can quickly determine where the potential cost savings are.
    • In many cases, we identify historical over-charges that we can get refunded from vendors.
  4. Get started easily with no upfront commitment and results-based pricing
    • Our payment structure is aligned with clients’ best interests. There are no upfront charges, and we get paid on a percentage of first-year cost savings.

VIE Healthcare has significantly reduced hospital purchased services spend through our guaranteed operating margin improvement expertise. Our automated and patented spend analysis technology reconciles thousands of line item details instantly, saving hospitals and healthcare organizations unnecessary purchased spend caused by billing errors. Not only do we find and save you money, we eliminate your manual process so you can redirect your team to work on better initiatives.

Every hospital and healthcare organization is different, and no single tool or strategy can create cost-savings solutions for all. That’s why we fully customize an approach that allows you to concentrate on your core strength: providing exceptional patient care.

We help hospitals achieve significant margin improvement through the industry’s best price benchmarking, contract analysis, data analytics and development of a thorough cost reduction strategy.

Introducing VIE Healthcare
We Deliver Spend Analytics

Spend Analytics combines deep line-item forensic analysis of historical spending with benchmarking, categorization, and contracting to fully optimize your purchased services spend

What would a perfect purchased services cost savings be capable of?

It could:

  1. Analyze every line-item detail of your historical spend
    • So you could understand every opportunity for cost savings
    • So you could know exactly what you are spending and what you need to contract for.
  2. Deliver an experienced, thorough analysis of your existing contracts to further identify areas of cost savings.
  3. It could be able to perform this analysis quickly. So you can start achieving cost savings in days and weeks and not months and years.

Invoice ROI™ Patented Technology Has A Track Record of Delivering Proven Healthcare Solutions

Invoice ROI™ offers invoice reconciliation, contract optimization, business intelligence and an analytics platform with real-time line item contract reconciliation and benchmarking performance provided on a monthly basis for outsourced services.

Our process begins with line item reconciliation of the past 12 to 18 months of your purchased services invoices to reveal the hidden costs in pricing errors and off-contract spend that you are not aware of. From there, our experts identify trends in utilization that can increase your costs and provide preventative advice to save your organization money. By moving straight to benchmarking prior to carrying out a line item analysis, significant cost saving opportunities are often overlooked and missed.

In some cases, up to 30% of hospital purchased spend is either off contract or has pricing errors. Only VIE Healthcare can provide your hospital with the invoice line item details.

The results achieved through Invoice ROI’s line item analysis have saved hospitals million of dollars on their purchased services spend.

Invoice ROI™ Stands For:

VIE Invoice ROI R stand for Reconciliation

On Contract / Off Contract
On Contract / Verify Pricing
Validate Rebates, Credits, Incentives

VIE Invoice ROI O stand for Optimization

Line Item Detail Trend Analysis
Variation Analysis
Excessive Fee Analysis
Standardization Opportunities

VIE Invoice ROI I stand for Intelligence

Market Competitive or Best In Class:
Line Item Pricing
Contract Structure
Rebates, Credits, Incentives
Risk-Share Structures

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RECONCILIATION: Our technology allows for real-time Invoice reconciliation for outsourced purchased services. Your invoice accuracy is matched to the contract and performed prior to the payment of invoices for real-time corrective action.

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OPTIMIZATION: Using invoice line item details combined with other data inputs to identify trends, variations, quality and utilization improvement opportunities for pro-active monthly management of outsourced purchased services spend allows for significantly greater optimization of your purchased spend.

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INTELLIGENCE: Our technology provides you with cost saving opportunities identified by purchased services line item in real-time and on a monthly basis providing you with the intelligence you need for predicting future spending.

Invoice ROI™ Hospital Cost Savings

Invoice ROI™ delivers guaranteed margin improvement and identifies cost saving opportunities for your hospital in real-time.

Spend Management in Healthcare

Our Vision Is To Move Our Clients To A Life Cycle Management of Their Purchased Services Spend Driven By Invoice ROI™ and The Power of Line Item Analytics
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Over Price
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Eliminate overpayment of purchased services invoices in real-time

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Automatic Invoice reconciliation monthly

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Utilization reports with data that is extracted automatically for you to improve your hospital’s performance by date range

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Real-time purchased services intelligence and cost savings

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Every month

We guarantee your hospital is overpaying for purchased services and the details are buried in the invoice line item data that your team doesn’t have the bandwidth or technology to manage. We can provide you with guaranteed margin improvement.

Invoice ROI™ Technology Is Simple & Efficient

We make our technology do the work for you. No team member training or new software installation required.