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Identify Critical Cost Savings in Your Small Data
Establish Your Hospital as a Digital Innovator

High performance hospitals embrace the power of technology to transform their clinical and business processes and deliver high quality, value based care. Only 12% of healthcare organizations are effectively using data analytics to manage their costs and enhance patient care. Spend analytics tools enable healthcare organizations to achieve their goal of providing care at an optimum price, while maintaining quality clinical outcomes. As frontline innovators in the area of spend data analytics, VIE Healthcare collaborates with healthcare providers to:
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Realize the cost savings potential in your “small data” to achieve sustainable savings across your hospital.

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Gather and analyze disparate data hiding in silos and multiple sources to reimagine and transform your supply chain.

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Reduce your hospital’s expenditure on Physician Preference Items (PPIs) and other high cost supplies.

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Harness the power of Invoice ROI™ to identify hidden cost savings in your purchased services spend on a monthly basis and in real-time.

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Eliminate reliance on manual systems which are prone to error.

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Leverage the power of spend data analytics to design new pathways of care and improve patient outcomes.

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Reimagine and Transform Your Hospital’s Supply Chain With Spend Data Analytics Expertise From VIE Healthcare.

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We have been overly impressed with VIE Healthcare’s approach to our purchased service agreements. We begin with a retroactive audit of our existing agreements and reconciliation of any discrepancies and overpayments through VIE Healthcare’s Invoice ROI™ Technology. From there VIE Healthcare’s Invoice ROI™ Technology continues to review invoices regularly to help avoid any future discrepancies. VIE Healthcare has able to identify hundreds of thousands of dollars in discrepancies. Because they analyze invoices at the line item level, VIE Healthcare have the ability to quickly take utilization and usage trends to produce RFPs allowing us to re-negotiate new agreements resulting in further cost reductions. This includes consolidating contracts and service providers across multiple hospitals in different regions.
– Luis R. Martinez, VP Supply Chain, Cornerstone Healthcare Group