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VIE Healthcare Founded in 1999

High-Performance Project Management in Healthcare Organizations is Vital to Achieve Excellence in Patient Care and Implement Profitable Initiatives.

With hospital project management, VIE Healthcare adopts a systematic approach that seamlessly integrates with our clients’ existing processes. With practical healthcare project management training, it’s easier for healthcare professionals to develop more vital leadership skills that can benefit an entire facility. From your stakeholders to your patients and team members, United States healthcare organizations must leverage project management skills for baseline improvements and financial benefits.

The ways in which our unique project management services for healthcare empower leaders include:

  • Providing comprehensive guidance from a skilled project manager to bring focus and expertise to projects. When you work with a project management consultant, it’s easier to empower your project team, set practical standards, and invest in agile project management solutions.
  • When you are spearheading major, company-wide initiatives to manage healthcare reform effectively, you need agility to succeed. In a healthcare setting, reforms are not only necessary but essential for successful project management. When you apply agile methodology to companywide healthcare initiatives, you can help eliminate wasteful spending and even improve public health outcomes.
  • You are expediting the end-to-end process of designing and implementing major projects. Effective project management helps ensure that you can expedite your healthcare projects and apply project team consultants effectively. Even when you have a robust project plan, effective project management necessitates that each project iteration works to eliminate common bottlenecks and streamline everyday processes. These can help you uncover hidden expenses, save money, and reallocate resources to new project plans and healthcare innovations.
  • They are rapidly exceeding timelines for assigned projects. Especially in a COVID-19 world, project management roles are critical for quickly establishing project requirements within a healthcare environment or large organization. A good project manager can view a project scope, select the right tools, and often estimate and exceed expected healthcare management timelines without sacrificing the overall quality management that your hospital board and stakeholders crave.
  • Mentoring and training organization staff on best practices for project management in healthcare. Our team can guide each clinician or project management professional that implements new core competence metrics. Often, this means breaking down concepts into the basics of project management. However, even individuals who have completed certificate program courses or have advanced degree certification in business administration can leverage online course offerings, public health resources, and inter-team mentorship to train on standard best practices.
  • You are providing leadership teams with critical metrics and milestones to track progress. When you can more effectively use informatics within healthcare project management, you can benchmark your healthcare organization’s performance against other competitors within the healthcare industry to see where your specific business excels and where your weaknesses lie. From here, you can take the first step toward implementing correctional policies that realize cost-savings opportunities and promote a positive financial result.

Without a systematic plan in place, it is difficult for health systems to deliver value-based, quality patient care. In addition, as technology increasingly affects all aspects of a health system, decision-makers have to be prepared to manage their outcomes proactively. Whether you’re looking to pursue Project Management Institute (PMI) certification or you’re looking for ways to guide and discipline your team effectively, improving your project management body of knowledge is a practical starting point. After all, a certified associate or a team of health services managers may be more equipped to provide a higher quality of care and leverage technology to improve deliverables and redefine internal patient care standards.

To learn more about project management consultants and how they can help your healthcare brand continue to grow, contact VIE Healthcare Consulting today. Our project management professionals (PMPs) and project management consultants can empower your brand and provide you with the essential tools to help you aim for the best possible patient outcomes and financial savings opportunities.

VIE Healthcare Stands out in the Field Because we Have the Ability to Leverage the Best Possible Outcome for our Clients.

Our proven methodology is supported by advanced cloud-based project management technology from Workfront. With these project and program management iterations, it’s more accessible to used advanced technology and waterfall methodology to reinvest in your business and continue collaborative growth.

Managing projects with VIE Healthcare is a truly collaborative process, where staff is professionally developed to achieve lasting, sustainable results. Our team members have years of experience with project management and portfolio management within the specific parameters of the healthcare industry. We know how competitive the U.S. healthcare market can be. A large part of that revolves around public health project management.

Particularly when you think of healthcare organization sustainability, it’s important to focus on project management best practices that help you spot unrealized cost-savings opportunities, restructure outdated business processes, and reallocate your funding to promote stronger patient outcomes. With project management certification and a closer eye on your management styles, you can enact systematic changes to operational efficiency.

Three Ways to Work with VIE Healthcare

  1. Benchmark a vendor contract – either an existing contract or a new agreement.
  2. We can support your team with their cost savings initiatives to add resources and expertise. We set a bold cost savings goal and work together to achieve it.
  3. VIE can perform a cost savings opportunity assessment. We dig deep into all of your spend and uncover unique areas of cost savings.

The ROI on our Hospital Project Management Approach is Immediate.

We know how to implement profitable, successful healthcare projects—and we teach our clients sustainable project management practices for long-term success. Compared to other tactics and methodologies, healthcare PM consulting can empower numerous facets of industry business. The end result is a brand that has greater control over its internal and external projects and is able to better leverage a project management consultant to help spot potential areas of opportunity. VIE Healthcare Consulting works with dedicated project management consultants and industry professionals to develop robust health plans that empower your organization.

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