Transform Your Patient Care & Profitability with Data Analytics

Our Healthcare Analytics Solutions Identify Key Areas for Cost Reduction

Here are 2 Things That Help us go Beyond the Benchmarking for our Clients:

  1. Data and Expertise:

    We’ve done benchmarking 10s of thousands of times over the past 22 years at @VIE Healthcare Consulting.

    We have benchmarking details from different places across GPOs, across the country and even regionalized benchmarking to provide a real innovative and effective way to benchmark.

  2. Analytics:

    We don’t believe in ratio benchmarking or benchmarking based on bed size, net patient revenue, volume, etc.

    The dollars are in the details.

    That’s why we only depend on line item details to perform out benchmarking.

Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to know how we help your hospital at [email protected].

Comprehensive Data Analytics in Hospitals is also Key to Maximizing Cost Savings and Reducing Your Purchased Services Spend.

Data analytics in healthcare is disrupting and transforming the way in which organizations operate. The most successful hospitals gather, analyze and act on their data to guarantee high-quality patient care and profitability.

As leaders in the field of hospital analytics, at VIE Healthcare we work on the principle of ‘what can be measured can be improved.’

Working in Partnership With Your Team, our Data Analytics Experts:
  • Gather large sets of complex data from multiple areas into one accessible source.
  • Derive actionable insights from that data, drawing accurate conclusions for business improvements based on those insights.
  • Achieve rapid implementation of key data insights, ensuring maximum business impact within a minimal timescale.

Our Additional Healthcare Analytics Solutions Empower Your Hospital to Expanding Sourcing Capabilities, Benchmark All Agreements and Purchases and Effectively Manage All Supplier Data and Contracts.