Hospitals that Prioritize Innovation Lead in Performance and Patient Experience

Is Your Hospital on the Leading Edge When it Comes to Innovation?

VIE Healthcare Hospitals that Prioritize Innovation Lead in Performance and Patient Experience

Innovation and Change are Essential to the Progress and Development of Healthcare Organizations, Not Only From a Clinical Perspective, But Also From a Business Perspective.

Hospital administration and departments are increasingly looking for innovations in healthcare to improve quality, outcomes, efficiencies and cost. Innovation is essential for hospitals to stay relevant in an ever-changing environment where health care is constantly evolving.

Healthcare technology can make a difference in the way patients are cared for in hospitals. The advancement in technology can create new methods for gathering data on patient care, increasing efficiency, improving the cost structure, and improving the quality of healthcare.

Business Process Innovation (BPI) is an important business process improvement strategy that dramatically improves a business process by identifying the underlying issues and obstacles, and developing, testing, and implementing solutions for those issues. BPI focuses on fixing a specific problem of a hospital or health system and putting in a new innovative process or technology that eliminates manual process or failure work.

The VIE Healthcare Advantage -
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The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 1 Forensic Line Item Historical Analysis

Forensic Line-Item Historical Analysis

The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 2 Detail Contract Dissection

Detailed Contract Dissection

The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 3 Categorization Benchmarking

Categorization & Benchmarking

The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 4 Complete Cost Savings Opportunity Identification

Complete Cost
Savings Opportunity Identification

The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 5 Contract Re Negotiation VIE Healthcare


The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 6 Manage Contract Performance

Manage Contract Performance

At VIE Healthcare, the "I" in VIE is Innovation. It is at the Core of Our Work and How We Support Hospitals.

Here are 10 Ways VIE’s Work in Healthcare is Helping Hospitals with Innovation:

  1. Spend Management Technology – Invoice ROI
  2. Real-Time Patient Feedback – iSUGEZT
  3. RFID Advisory Services
  4. Physician Cost Awareness Program
  5. Patient Journey Mapping
  6. Advancing Telehealth Strategies
  7. Robotic Processing Automation – Extracting the data in your paper documents and automating the analysis of the key information
  8. Business Process Innovation – Developing a Purchased Services Business Operation Department
  9. Supply Chain Innovation – Optimizing Inventory and High Cost Implants
  10. Coming up with your hospitals “What If We Could?……”

Our Primary Services Related to Helping Hospitals and Healthcare Systems Innovate Include:

VIE Healthcare Check Bullet

Invoice ROI Spend Tech

VIE Healthcare Check Bullet

Physician Cost Awareness

VIE Healthcare Check Bullet

Patient Journey Mapping

VIE Healthcare Check Bullet


VIE Healthcare Check Bullet


VIE Healthcare Our primary services related to helping hospitals and healthcare systems innovate include

Innovation can come from within a hospital through a new idea or invention, or the innovation can come from outside of the hospital.

We help hospitals analyze and implement healthcare innovations that come from outside of the organization. We also help hospitals mine the innovation from within through the insights and developments from employees and clinicians and also from the suggestions and insights from patients and their families.

You Can Read Some of VIE Healthcare’s Thought Leadership on Innovation Here:

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