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Is Your Hospital on the Leading Edge When it Comes to Service Innovation?

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Innovation and Change are Essential to the Progress and Development of Healthcare Organizations, Not Only From a Clinical Perspective, But Also From a Business Perspective.

Hospital administration departments are increasingly looking for service innovations in healthcare to improve quality, outcomes, efficiencies, and costs. In addition, from disability services to cancer care clinics, brands throughout the country need ways to continue innovating in a world that’s still navigating COVID-19 complications. Innovation diffusion is essential for hospitals to stay relevant in an ever-changing environment where healthcare is constantly evolving.

Healthcare technology can make a difference in the way patients are cared for in hospitals. The advancement in technology can create new methods for gathering data on patient care, increasing efficiency, improving the cost structure, and improving healthcare quality.

Business Process Innovation (BPI) is an important business process improvement strategy that dramatically improves a business process by identifying the underlying issues and obstacles and developing, testing, and implementing solutions for those issues. BPI helps healthcare providers identify the bottlenecks that impact the quality of care within health services. Whether you’re offering lower-cost telemedicine to young people in rural areas or you’re looking to identify process improvements so you can invest in artificial intelligence or virtual reality solutions, BPI can help you continue to innovate and move toward future brand sustainability.

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At VIE Healthcare, the "I" in VIE is Innovation. It remains at the core of our work and is critical to supporting healthcare professionals.

Here are 10 Ways VIE’s Work in Healthcare is Helping Hospitals with Innovation:

  1. Spend Management Technology – Invoice ROI.
    Your invoice ROI helps you understand your profit margins, something that’s critical for any for-profit organization in the United States. Whether you work in primary care or develop medical devices, the first step toward long-term health care system success is through robust spend management technology that helps mitigate financial uncertainty.
  2. Real-Time Patient Feedback – iSUGEZT.
    The patient experience is critical, be it in a disability program, clinical trials for cancer patients, or a comprehensive pain study. The right collaborators or innovation partnership makes it that much easier to acquire patient feedback and make necessary adjustments to your services.
  3. RFID Advisory Services.
    By understanding health care system needs, you and your collaborators can implement RFID sensors and technology to help facilitate a greater quality of care. The U.S. Department of Health recommends effective RFID adoption for primary care brands, health plans, and other providers.
  4. Physician Cost Awareness Program.
    Though such innovations have long-term benefits, short-term expenses play a crucial role in your healthcare delivery. Our Physician Cost Awareness Program helps apprise practice owners, stakeholders, and healthcare facilities of evolving expenses involved in implementation.
  5. Patient Journey Mapping.
    Within the healthcare industry, a systematic review of the patient journey is instrumental in improving health outcomes. This can lead to greater brand sustainability and even attract partnership opportunities with other United States primary care providers, insurers, and hospitals.
  6. Advancing Telehealth Strategies.
    Telemedicine helps remove some of the physical obstacles that impede quality care, particularly in rural areas. In addition, telemedicine service innovation in healthcare makes it easier to address diverse healthcare needs and improve the quality of life for dispersed populations.
  7. Robotic Processing Automation – Extracting the data in your paper documents and automating the analysis of the key information.
    Robotic processing automation can also lead to more accurate medical device diagnostics, a more cost-effective care model, and quicker innovation uptake. In addition, by using impactful algorithms and processing innovations, healthcare services companies can more capably leverage internal and external data sources.
  8. Business Process Innovation – Entrepreneurs can learn more about developing a purchased services business operations department.
    The main reason for BPI is to spot innovation opportunities and facilitate their establishment within your clinic.
  9. Supply Chain Innovation – Optimizing inventory and high-cost implants.
    Supply chain innovation not only benefits your organization but can also lead to better health outcomes.
  10. Coming up with your hospital’s “What If We Could?”.
    Whether you’re asking questions on how to streamline your emergency room services, implementing a CMS platform, or looking for a specific innovation to establish within the conceptual framework of your behavioral health therapy services, working with a consulting team that has years of experience can help you improve your quality of care.

Our Primary Services Related to Helping Hospitals and Healthcare Systems Innovate Include the following sections:

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Invoice ROI Spend Tech

VIE Healthcare Check Bullet

Physician Cost Awareness

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Patient Journey Mapping

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VIE Healthcare Check Bullet


VIE Healthcare Our primary services related to helping hospitals and healthcare systems innovate include

Innovation can come from within a hospital through a new idea or invention, or innovation can come from outside the hospital.

We help hospitals analyze and implement healthcare innovations that come from outside of the organization.

We also help hospitals mine the innovation from within through the insights and developments from employees and clinicians. We distill Department of Health insights, new technology, and industry innovations into actionable solutions that your healthcare business can use for continued growth.

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