Healthcare Consulting Services That Can Help You Maximize Your Hospital's Potential by Optimizing Financial Management, Reducing Expenses, and Improving Patient Care.

VIE Healthcare Founded in 1999

The Healthcare Industry is in a Perpetual State of Flux and Change. This Makes it Difficult for Healthcare Organizations to Stay on Top of Healthcare Management Strategies.

Hospitals have many competing priorities, need new insights to improve their financial performance, and are dealing with rising costs and stagnant reimbursement rates. A traditional healthcare consulting service can help hospitals deliver a higher quality of care while reducing costs.

But what if there was a healthcare consulting service that could help keep your organization up-to-date with insights and strategies to review your operations and financial needs? A company that has an intimate understanding of how the healthcare world works? These healthcare solutions can help you maximize your hospital’s potential by optimizing financial management, reducing expenses, and improving patient care. If you want to better position your brand within the U.S. healthcare sector and make some key improvements, VIE Healthcare Consulting can help.

Here's what you should consider when choosing a healthcare consulting service:

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Performance-driven — Healthcare solution affiliates should have performance metrics they are tracking and be able to show how they have helped their clients improve their finances, workflows, quality of care, and patient satisfaction. Consulting firms need to empower healthcare professionals and affiliates with revenue cycle insights, medical equipment audits, and continued education across several cutting-edge areas. At VIE Healthcare, we help healthcare systems and hospitals reduce their costs and optimize their financial performance. We look at costs uniquely and have spent over 21 years thinking about how to serve our clients in their cost reduction efforts. Our mission is to create and implement new ways to ensure cost optimization.

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Cost-effective — Your chosen healthcare consulting affiliates should have deep experience finding lower-cost strategies that can empower your modern healthcare brand. Whether you work in pharmaceuticals or in an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), it's important to choose cost-effective solutions that enable you to better analyze and interpret your financial health.

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Experienced — Ultimately, it's important to work with healthcare consulting affiliates that have experience developing consulting support for healthcare payers and providers alike. These affiliates should be able to speak to what's important to modern healthcare brands, including client acquisition, personal data risk management (privacy policy information, how you collect and use personal data, cybersecurity protocols), transitionary services (mergers and other large transactions), and more.

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Compassionate — Whether you work with boutique healthcare consultants or freelance services, you need team members that bring the same level of care, compassion, and integrity to their work that you bring to your patients and clients. Your healthcare consulting service can impact your brand image so it's important to choose wisely.

At VIE Healthcare, We Are Here to Support Your Margin Improvement Goals. Our Healthcare Consulting Services Consist of the Following:

We Look Forward to Having a Discussion With You About How We Can Support Your Organization's Performance Improvement Goals.

The VIE Healthcare Advantage -
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Why Should You Consider VIE Healthcare’s Consulting Services?

Here are some of the reasons why hospitals and healthcare systems utilize our services:

Three Ways to Work with VIE Healthcare

  1. Benchmark a vendor contract – either an existing contract or a new agreement.
  2. We can support your team with their cost savings initiatives to add resources and expertise. We set a bold cost savings goal and work together to achieve it.
  3. VIE can perform a cost savings opportunity assessment. We dig deep into all of your spend and uncover unique areas of cost savings.

What Makes VIE Healthcare Consulting So Different?

We help hospital executives and healthcare professionals accelerate non-labor cost savings so they can keep employees, rebuild their infrastructure and become a high-performing organization within the larger healthcare sector. Hundreds of hospitals have saved millions of dollars working with VIE Healthcare in identifying and reducing costs effectively. Our attention to detail and rapid execution has helped our clients save over $1 Billion since 1999.

What is My Investment?

Across the United States, healthcare brands face the reality of unrealized cost-savings opportunities. Whether you run an oncology clinic and you lack proper funding or you have difficulty finding lower-cost equipment, healthcare solutions can help you with cost-savings goals.

Would you like more money to work with at your hospital? Could your public health service benefit from some financial retooling? Investments in achieving cost savings goals and healthcare solutions are mission-critical to an organization’s growth. That’s why at VIE, we believe we should only get paid when we achieve results.

Why do High-performing Healthcare Organizations and Specialists Retain Healthcare Advisory Firms?

  1. To benchmark the performance of the operations. Healthcare organizations need to be able to review current performance and make necessary adjustments to adapt to a constantly shifting healthcare landscape.
  2. To identify improvement opportunities. Healthcare management consulting can help healthcare companies and team members spot areas of opportunity and knowledge gaps. These can help you improve day-to-day operations and help reduce staffing turnover.
  3. To assess the financial health of the organization. Especially due to COVID-19, healthcare providers need ways to review their finances, forecast accurate results, and implement a strategic plan to address financial health.
  4. To continue to improve the quality of care and outcomes for the people receiving healthcare services. Whether a patient needs services to treat the novel coronavirus or requires assistance with a medical bill, healthcare solutions help you review your core systems to ensure you prioritize patient care.
  5. To optimize their business model and provide recommendations to drive further value. Business model optimization impacts your entire health system, from senior executives to your entry-level team members.
  6. To support a special project. Even if every team member has a master’s degree and years of experience, there are still times when your organization may need to find third-party or freelance assistance within the healthcare space. Modern healthcare consulting can provide the resources to support special projects that better address your clientele’s needs. Whether you’re looking to digitize all the personal information your human resources department collects or you’re looking to partner with a new PPE or medical supply vendor, an advisory firm can assist you and help with the next steps.
  7. To assist in implementation. Implementing organization-wide PPE best practices or new, innovative solutions takes a deft hand. The right healthcare solutions make it easier to take the next step toward implementing new platforms, systems, and medical devices.

We Look Forward to Having a Discussion With You About How We Can Support Your Organization's Performance Improvement Goals.