How To Ensure a Superior Patient Experience and Continuum of Care

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This article was written by Lisa Miller.

When it comes to ensuring a superior patient experience and continuum of care in your hospital, it’s the detail that matters.

Every step of the patient journey can have a profound impact on the way in which your patients experience their time in your care, from their check-in to the day of their discharge.

A 2016 report found that hospitals that provide a superior patient experience generate a 50% higher financial performance than average providers[1].

Hospitals that provide a superior patient experience generate a 50% higher financial performance than average providers. Click To Tweet

Working alongside our clients, we see every day that higher patient experience ratings are consistently linked to higher hospital profitability. What’s more, your customers are more loyal and your hospital reputation is enhanced, with an increase in referrals.

But as we have previously discussed, the patient experience is often overlooked in healthcare.

VIE Healthcare Consulting can help your hospital to create a superior patient experience. Our four holistic assessments evaluate what is actually happening in your hospital in this key area:

People: Beginning at 4 am until the end of the day, we carry out a deep-dive assessment of your patients’ experiences and staff procedures.

Technology: A comprehensive review of the current state of technology at your hospital is undertaken. This includes telehealth and telemedicine which is becoming increasingly vital for patients in rural areas to enable them to access care.

Processes: Our team of experts develop key process maps to evaluate individual staff roles, treatment procedures, and department practices

Data: Expert analysis of disparate, complex data is carried out to identify the gaps in critical data collection and opportunities for improvement.

These assessments cover the OR, the ER, surgical services, supply chain management, and patient flow, involving your staff and patients at every stage to gain invaluable insight into your patients’ perspectives.

At the end of the process, VIE Healthcare® provides your organization with a detailed report of our findings and an action plan to improve your patient experience. We also offer end-to-end project management to enable rapid implementation of those recommendations.

Our innovative Patient Journey Mapping™ also provides front line insights for improved hospital performance.

But the patient experience doesn’t end when they leave your hospital.

Continuum of Care Strategies for Hospital Operational Performance

With changes to regulations and reimbursement plans, quality patient care requires strong collaboration across all care settings. A key element of achieving a superior patient experience and improved profitability is an integrated continuum of care strategy.

HIMSS defines Continuum of Care as:

‘A concept involving a system that guides and tracks patients over time through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels and intensity of care.’

That can extend from birth to the end of life. HIMSS breaks the care continuum down into seven categories, including wellness, acute hospital care and ambulatory care. As the US population ages, continuum of care will become more critical to ensure no patients are overlooked.

This new reality is a challenge for healthcare organizations as what begins in your hospital no longer ends there. In many cases, pre-hospital care such as blood pressure management is also a critical part of the continuum.
VIE Healthcare helps hospitals to optimize continuous care across the complete spectrum of patient treatment, focusing on transparency, communication and innovation with the following five strategies:

  • Pre-hospital care strategies to ensure your patients arrive at your hospital in optimum health for their procedures or surgeries.
  • Improved communication among physicians, specialists, and all other healthcare providers.
  • Expert management of patients’ expectations of care, leading to higher patient satisfaction.
  • Inter-hospital coordination of critical information between acute and post-acute care settings.
  • Innovative technological devices and interventions to dramatically improve continuum of care.

As hospital margins are squeezed, the patient experience and continuum care will become critical strategies to improve your profitability.

To learn how VIE Healthcare can transform your hospital’s patient care and profitability, call our office today at 1-888-484-3332, Ext 500, or email us at [email protected] for a complimentary consultation.


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