Telehealth and Hybrid Care Are Incredible Advancements in Healthcare

Today I want to talk to you about what we’re learning about telehealth and hybrid care.

I see the current situation as a big opportunity for hospitals and healthcare providers to expand their operations further.

One of the lessons from the pandemic is we can treat patients well through telehealth.

There will always be occasions we need to bring patients into the office, for instance, for physical examinations and diagnostic testing.

But a hybrid care approach can work really well for healthcare providers.

Let me share two personal examples:

Example 1

  • Telehealth appointments provided great care for my mom throughout the pandemic.
  • We were able to access more care than normal because I didn’t need to take time off work to drive her to appointments.
  • The care provided was better and more proactive. 

Example 2

  • My daughter loves trampolining but sometimes injures her ankle and recently twisted it again.
  • Based on past experience, we knew diagnostically there wasn’t an issue.
  • We were able to arrange a telehealth visit to treat it right away.
  • A follow-up appointment was scheduled for a week later, and again the care was excellent.

We tend to think it’s the vulnerable and those at more risk who use telehealth, but I recommend it to everyone.  

A hybrid care approach enables patients to address issues quickly and assess whether an appointment is needed.

Telehealth is such an incredible advancement in healthcare and offers opportunities for all hospitals and health systems.

I encourage every healthcare provider to review their telehealth operations right now.

For the CFOs watching, leveraging the benefits of telehealth is a great way to improve your margins and expand growth because you let the software do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Partnering with VIE Healthcare® enables your hospital to optimize its telehealth services, implement cost reduction initiatives and enhance patient care.

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