Supply Chain – Conversations With VIE

This video was brought to you by Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer.
In this video, Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer discuss some of the challenges hospitals have in their supply chain.
Time and resources are often some of the biggest challenges that supply chain faces. Click To Tweet
They’re responsible for patient care and for facilitating the necessary supplies and services to patients and hospital professionals.
Whether they’re putting out fires or they’re simply running their day-to-day processes, they play a vital role in supporting healthcare organizations.
It’s a large undertaking to ensure that patients are getting what they need in a timely manner. We understand their challenges.
Learn more in the video above on the challenges that supply chain faces, why they don’t need to work exclusively with a GPO, and how we can help hospitals and supply chain professionals with data analytics, adding resources, and to help them save money.
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