Hospital Resource Guide to Post Pandemic Recovery

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This research report was compiled by Jim Cagliostro.
The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated countries around the world.
From the overwhelming loss of life to record unemployment levels, the emotional and economic impact of this virus on the nation is unprecedented.
But, it does not have to be the end of the story.
Initially, concerns arose that the American healthcare infrastructure would become overwhelmed as observed internationally. However, health systems, government agencies, and relief organizations—among many others—have risen to the myriad challenges in order to mitigate the damage brought on by this pandemic.
While COVID-19 continues to pose a global threat, healthcare organizations must begin to plan how to recover from this crisis. This is especially important as regions across the US have successfully “flattened the curve” and are making plans to reopen businesses.
A return to baseline for most health systems will prove both costly and time consuming. However, a good recovery does not mean settling for achieving the status quo that existed before the pandemic. Now, all health systems are presented with an opportunity to explore ways to improve their systems and emerge from this crisis in a stronger position than ever before—and more prepared than ever to take on the next pandemic.

In this report, VIE Healthcare® offers a comprehensive post pandemic resource guide to help your hospital emerge in a stronger position with our three pillars of transition.
Schedule a call today: As your hospital begins to navigate its way beyond this difficult period, please reach out directly to Lisa Miller to discuss the ways in which VIE Healthcare® can support your organization in the vital areas of clinical, financial and operational transition.

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