Healthcare IT Cost Savings

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This research report was compiled by Lisa Miller.
Technology moves at incredible speed, is costly, needs a highly qualified IT staff, and requires a workforce that embraces change. However, meaningful data analytics can deliver unparalleled cost savings, improve patient outcomes and transform your hospital.
Our focus is on delivering those sustainable healthcare IT cost savings to our clients by utilizing the data already available. Our expertise enables us to combine proven strategies with data analytics to enable transformation in health systems. We work on the principle of “what can be measured can be improved.”

Drawing on our expertise at VIE Healthcare® Consulting, this report examines the barriers to incorporating data analytics and provides four key strategies to tap into the power of technology and healthcare IT to maximize cost savings and enable your health system to focus on providing quality patient care.
Our goal is to empower you to apply these strategies to make smarter decisions for your hospital and achieve significant cost savings.
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