5 Things to Know About Healthcare Telecommunication Costs

This article was written by Jacqueline Oberst.

Here are a few thoughts on healthcare telecommunication costs which your organization needs visibility to:

1. Just because your telecommunication costs are consistent each month does not guarantee that billing is accurate.

2. Vendors provide details about services, pricing, contract terms and locations via a customer service report. This report may have a different title depending on the vendor. When was the last time your organization analyzed this data?

3. Some states allow hospitals to access telecommunication vendor contracts within their procurement program – does your state?

4. Telecommunication contracts should be reviewed annually, even if mid-term.

Agreements can be renegotiated for newly available lower pricing or service upgrades, prior to the end of the term. Click To Tweet

5. Engaging a telecommunication expense reduction expert will provide insights into all costs and services allowing management to make better decisions about spend and realize significant cost reductions.

VIE Healthcare® is the expert in healthcare telecommunication cost reduction and management. We have spent over 20 years assisting hospitals realize average savings between 25% – 40%, savings that are sustainable!

Over the next few weeks we will provide further insight into each of these five areas.

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