Richard Dormer – Conversations With VIE

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Conversation with Rich Dormer

In this video, Rich Dormer discusses his role at VIE Healthcare Consulting, our approach to working with clients and what differentiates us from the competition.

Rich serves as our Chief Operating Officer. With extensive knowledge of hospital expenses across the organization, he identifies and achieves dramatic cost reductions for our clients. His subspecialty is hospital purchased services and physician preference items.

Prior to joining our team, Rich spent nine years with two equity sales firms on Wall Street. He applies the same analytical approach he learned on Wall Street to his work at VIE Healthcare Consulting and has become an expert in finance analytics for healthcare organizations.

He is also a skilled negotiator and known for his ability to drive down contract costs without sacrificing services or quality. His sharp negotiating skills contribute to his expertise in the difficult areas of physician preference items and clinical preference services.

A tremendous amount of bottom-line impact has been achieved with purchased services and clinical items and services. Click To Tweet

This is why Rich is such an asset to our team and our clients.
Learn more about his role and how we can help you achieve your cost saving goals in the video above.
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Rich Dormer

Rich Dormer

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