More on Achieving a World-Class Supply Chain

As promised, we’re continuing our discussion on achieving a world-class supply chain.

If you missed part one, click here for the first post in the series.

Achieving supply chain superiority can be difficult without a better supply cost management system. If you’re unsure of the efficiency of your current arrangement, this might be something you want to reassess sooner rather than later.

You also want to be looking at large companies like Apple, Google and Dell and learn from them. These companies, not surprisingly, have world-class methodologies in place which you can model.

Developing relationships with suppliers is also fundamental. People are willing to go the extra mile for a friendly face, so keep your interactions positive and be easy to work with.

Next, take a look at what you want to outsource versus what you want to handle inside your organization.

Each hospital has its own unique strengths and weaknesses and you need to be able to identify what to keep on your plate and what needs to be delegated elsewhere. Click To Tweet

Finally, commit to asking questions.

  • What can be improved?
  • How can this be done better?
  • What isn’t working?

When you’re asking questions like these, you’re not giving into the day-to-day status quo and keeping growth on your mind.

Which of these suggestions are you committed to implementing? Let us know in the comments.

Look for part 3 of this series where we’ll be discussing things that work against achieving a world-class supply chain.

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