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This video was brought to you by Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer.

In this video, Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer discuss new technology and identifying cost-saving opportunities even when they’re first introduced.

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From finance to telehealth and administration, not only does an organization need to keep a pulse on all existing technology, but they need to ensure they’re keeping up to date with this ever-evolving landscape.

Many hospitals, however, are leaving money on the table by erroneously assuming that there aren’t any cost-saving opportunities when a new technology is introduced.

The truth is, even when a new technology or a new offering is introduced, you still need to look through the agreements and do your due diligence. Just because a new pricing mechanism is in place, doesn’t mean you can’t deconstruct it and find cost-saving opportunities.

VIE Healthcare can, even with new technology, help remove complexity from your agreements and identify areas where your hospital can save on costs.

Learn more about new technology and cost-saving opportunities in the video above.

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