Capitated Spine Programs – Conversations With VIE

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When it comes to capitated spine programs, what we like to develop at VIE Healthcare is a fixed-component program.
As opposed to capitating your implant costs by procedure, we capitate it by each component that goes into that procedure. Click To Tweet
This model has several advantages, mainly that it’s going to scale as you do larger procedures so there’s no need to keep renegotiating your procedures at different levels.
Another key advantage is that it allows physicians to use whichever technology or vendor that they want.
It’s also much easier to manage from a purchasing standpoint. As POs or invoices come in, each individual item is going to have its own product catalog number and its own unit price to help make things easier to manage.
Learn more about VIE Healthcare Consulting’s unique approach to capitated spine programs in the video above and how we can help your hospital easily achieve cost savings through our process.
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