Bundled Payments and Revenue Strategies

Am I Spending Too Much?

This video was brought to you by Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer.
In this video, Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer discuss bundled payments and revenue strategies and the importance of a profitability analysis.
“Am I spending too much?”
This is a question virtually everyone asks themselves both personally and professionally. We, of course, always want to get the best available pricing. Nobody wants to overspend!
Hospitals should be no different.
Many vendors and suppliers use terms like ''holistic price'' or ''bundled price'' and suggest that they're the best ways to look at cost saving opportunities. Click To Tweet
However, we often find a completely different story when we break them down to line item pricing.
Learn more in the video above on why these holistic or bundled approaches could actually be leaving money on the table for your hospital.
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Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is a consultant, speaker, and podcast host. Her consulting firm, VIE Healthcare, has provided services to over 1,000 hospitals and organizations since 1999.

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