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There are three major challenges that hospitals are facing in achieving cost savings:

1. Obtaining, Analyzing and Interpreting Data

The issue behind this challenge for hospitals isn’t necessarily that they don’t know how to obtain, analyze and interpret data, but rather that they often don’t have the bandwidth to do so.
VIE Healthcare’s team of analysts are able to locate all of the contracts and have the technology to extract a large number of invoices and turn that into meaningful data to interpret and help draw conclusions.
We’re able to take a big pile of raw data and turn it into a finished product that clearly outlines the path to cost saving initiatives.

2. Competing Priorities

This is often a key element in creating a cost savings plan. Specifically, which priorities should be actioned first?
VIE Healthcare is able, based on the collected and interpreted data, to prioritize a hospital’s multiple opportunities based on both complexity and the size of each opportunity. We’re able to develop a clear plan and determine which opportunities should be prioritized ahead of the others.

3. Stakeholder Alignment

Large initiatives often require a large number of stakeholders who need to be engaged. Click To Tweet
It’s important to identify and pull in the appropriate people as your hospital is going through each initiative and negotiating with vendors.
Although these common obstacles can often get in the way of cost saving initiatives, VIE Healthcare has the expertise, tools and resources required to overcome them.
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