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Purchase Service Strategic Myths
Conversations With VIE
Lisa Miller

Purchased Services Strategic Approach – Conversations With VIE

 This video was brought to you by Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer. In this video, Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer discuss the three purchased services strategic myths that hospitals are being advised on that are fundamentally flawed. 1. Category Spend Data Category spend data is not a strategy. Hospitals are being told that category

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VIE Healthcare Podcasts
Lisa Miller

Healthcare Strategy with Dr. Alan Weiss | Ep.1

 Healthcare Strategy with Dr. Alan Weiss | Ep.1 In this podcast, Lisa is joined by Dr. Alan Weiss, Founder and CEO, Summit Consulting Group to discuss healthcare strategy. Alan’s clients have included Merck, Hewlett Packard, GE, Mercedes-Benz and over 500 leading corporations. Alan has written over sixty books on consulting, strategy, innovation and leadership.

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3 Steps to a Total Management Cost Savings Approach Reconciliation
Cost Savings
Pandush Mitre

3 Steps to a Total Management Cost Savings Approach: Reconciliation

This article was written by Pandush Mitre. The implementation of a sustainable cost savings and management system in your healthcare organization begins with the reconciliation of your existing contracts and invoices. This is achievable with three steps to a total management cost savings approach. In this article, I will share how VIE Healthcare Consulting is creating

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