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Consistent Contract Compliance Conversations With VIE 3
Conversations With VIE
Pandush Mitre

Consistent Contract Compliance – Conversations With VIE

 This video was brought to you by Pandush Mitre. When VIE Healthcare Consulting looks at contracts for our clients, we want to ensure that they aren’t paying more than they should be for services. With our exclusive Invoice ROI™ technology, we’ve been able to unlock the power of taking hospital invoices and instantaneously matching

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benchmark cost savings feature
Lisa Miller

How to Benchmark Effectively For Cost Savings

This article was written by Lisa Miller. Benchmarking is the third of the four mission critical components to manage your hospital’s outsourced agreements and uncover vital areas for margin improvement. In this article, I explain how to benchmark effectively for cost savings. The first component is gaining access to your line item details to understand your

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LineItemDetails 1
Invoice ROI
Lisa Miller

The New ROI – Invoice ROI™: Reconciliation, Optimization, Intelligence

This article was written by Lisa Miller. VIE Healthcare has been at the forefront of purchased services technology since 1999. Our expertise has resulted in a patented technology which guarantees margin improvement – Invoice ROI™ – the new ROI for healthcare. Purchased services spend can account for up to 45% of a hospital’s non-labor spend.

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VIE Healthcare Consulting helps hospitals reduce costs while improving the patient experience. Learn more about the simple 3 step process to work with us.
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