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Management of Purchased Services in Healthcare is the Biggest Cost Savings Opportunity for Hospitals Today.

We are a team of margin improvement experts, cost consultants, healthcare business analysts, data scientists, technology specialists and clinicians. We deliver real cost savings and financial results – since 1999 we have saved our clients over $752 million in non-salaried expenses.

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Unparalleled Cost Savings in Your Purchased Services Spend

VIE Healthcare Has Been on the Frontlines of Reducing Purchased Services Spend Since 1999.

The VIE Healthcare Advantage -
The Only Comprehensive Cost Savings Solution™

The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 1 Forensic Line Item Historical Analysis

Forensic Line-Item Historical Analysis

The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 2 Detail Contract Dissection

Detailed Contract Dissection

The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 3 Categorization Benchmarking

Categorization & Benchmarking

The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 4 Complete Cost Savings Opportunity Identification

Complete Cost
Savings Opportunity Identification

The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 5 Contract Re Negotiation VIE Healthcare


The VIE Healthcare Cost Advantage Step 6 Manage Contract Performance

Manage Contract Performance

Purchased services agreements are an important part of hospital cost management. To remain profitable in today’s competitive industry, hospitals must innovate ways to save money on purchased services, year over year. Every hospital and healthcare system is different, and no single tool or strategy can create cost-savings solutions for all. That’s why we fully customize an approach that allows you to concentrate on your core strength: providing exceptional patient care. We help hospitals achieve significant margin improvement through the industry’s best price benchmarking, contract analysis, data analytics and development of a thorough cost reduction strategy.
Our unique process:
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Achieves dramatic cost savings in high areas of spend.

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Centralizes the decision-making and purchasing process.

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Consolidates different contracts for the same service.

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Identifies your hospital’s current performance on key indicators.

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Implements appropriate financial controls to stop leakage of savings.

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Prevents over-billing and cost overruns for purchased services.

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Achieve guaranteed margin improvement with our automated, patented technology, Invoice ROI™.

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Management of Purchased Services Spend is the Biggest Cost Savings Opportunity for Your Hospital.

Find Out More About Our Strategic Approach to Reducing Your Purchased Services Spend.

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We engaged VIE Healthcare to assist us in evaluating and reducing our purchased services spend, a growing segment of our operating expenses. Their patented methodology to compare actual spend to contract spend, using line-item invoice detail, helped us recover hundreds of thousands of dollars related to inaccurate billing. Further, they’ve been responsible for well over a million dollars in savings by partnering with us to evaluate our rates against market rates for services, ultimately leading to re-negotiated terms with our vendors and anticipate I more to come as we continue our work with VIE Healthcare. This all happened within the first 6 months of the engagement. I couldn’t be more pleased with their approach and results.
– Christine Pearson, Chief Financial Officer, AnMed Health