Validating Approach – Conversations With VIE

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In this video, we discuss VIE Healthcare’s three-step process to validate proposals.
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Our proposal validation process helps find and resolve errors through these steps:

1. Look at the requirements

We make sure that the hospitals we’re working with know exactly what is being promised so that we can optimize the benefits they’re receiving from the proposals.

2. Comprehensive review

We talk to the VP of supply chain of the hospital to ensure we’re gathering the information we need in order to conduct a comprehensive and thorough review and understand each detail and element within the proposal.

3. Obtain a 12-month invoice sample

Tied into the last point, we also obtain a 12-month invoice sample which we use for the comprehensive review so that we can compare it to the proposal that’s being offered by the vendor.
Learn more about this three-step process in the video above and how VIE Healthcare Consulting can help your hospital in cost-saving initiatives.
For a complimentary consultation, call our office today at 1-888-484-3332, Ext 500 or email us at [email protected].

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