Comprehensive Supply Chain Training

Supply chain is a top expense for healthcare organizations, accounting for up to 45% of a hospital’s total costs. From the moment a product or service enters the picture, a complex series of decisions, processes, and interactions must align for success. This means that everyone involved—from purchasers to nurses—needs to understand their role in the supply chain.

VIE Healthcare conducts powerful trainings to educate staff and leadership on every aspect of supply chain. We call this Supply Chain A to Z. Starting with analysis and ending with zero-based budgeting, this innovative supply chain training covers 26 key supply chain concepts.

VIE looks at the healthcare supply chain as a series of end-to-end opportunities for profit growth.

Managed in the right way, supply chain can be a boon to any healthcare business. We want to show you how.

VIE’s Supply Chain A to Z trainings include:

  • Training new staff and refreshing existing employees on the latest in supply chain
  • Working with leadership teams to identify areas of waste or inefficiency in the supply chain
  • Educating entire organizations on how to manage vendors, inventory, contracts, and time
  • Providing key financial insights into rebate management, budgeting, and outsourcing
  • Teaching best practices and sharing deep expertise on how to expand the supply chain

We customize these trainings to focus on whatever areas need the most improvement for our clients. Whether it’s benchmarking, GPOs, market intelligence, or working with physicians, every healthcare organization has a supply chain problem that can benefit from VIE’s innovative approach and industry expertise.

Please reach out to Denise Bisogno at to discuss a transformational supply chain training for your organization.