Patient and Family Centered Care Training

In the critical hospital environment, customer service is often overlooked. While patient care is top priority, basic interactions between patients and hospital staff are often fraught with tension and miscommunication.

In today’s increasingly competitive healthcare industry, this absence of quality customer service is simply no longer an option. One bad interaction can turn patients off to an entire institution. The next time they or their loved ones need care, they’ll take their business to a different hospital.

VIE Healthcare specializes in training hospital staff to dramatically improve patient and family engagement.

We recognize the tremendous impact of customer service on hospitals’ bottom lines.

Our innovative patient and family engagement trainings include:

  • Hospital-wide education to teach customer service fundamentals to hospital staff
  • Department-specific trainings to fix problem areas within the hospital
  • Communication trainings for staff who need to improve interpersonal skills
  • Customized trainings to pinpoint opportunities for better patient and family engagement
  • The EXCITE! Workshop, an interactive collaboration between VIE’s team of experts and hospital employees to take patient and family engagement to the next level

These trainings empower hospitals to optimize end-to-end patient contact—from initial ER stays and family visits, to out-patient lab services and follow-up phone calls. From the time someone first enters your property, to the time they no longer need care, every point of contact is key.

Working with VIE is the first step to implementing continuous, daily improvements of patient and family experiences in the hospital setting.

In addition to staff trainings, VIE also provides comprehensive patient and family experience advisory services.

Reach out to us now to learn how your hospital can start creating better experiences today.