Negotiation Training for Healthcare Leaders

Negotiation is central to any business, but it has special importance to the healthcare industry. Hospitals, post-acute care organizations, and other care providers must constantly negotiate with vendors. With so many contracts needed, negotiation is essential for securing low, market-competitive pricing.

The challenge is that vendors receive extensive negotiation training to protect their margins. Healthcare providers rarely do.

This unequal playing field can be disastrous for organizations, costing them tens of millions of dollars. Being out-performed by skilled negotiators means paying more for everyday supply items, advanced medical equipment, and everything in between. This reduces the quality of patient care and stifles innovation.

At VIE Healthcare, we understand what healthcare organizations are up against when it comes to negotiation. That’s why

we offer negotiation training for healthcare providers to help them fight for every dollar.

We’re firm believers that healthcare organizations should be just as prepared to negotiate as vendors and suppliers.

In one recent example, VIE saved a New York hospital $267,000 a year by negotiating a 21% reduction in a substantial five-year service contract. We want to teach you how to do the same.

Our highly interactive negotiation trainings include:

  • Role-plays of real-life negotiations to teach staff specific negotiation tactics
  • Both individual and team-based “practice sessions” to reinforce training principles
  • Development of key negotiation metrics to fit the needs of each organization
  • Education on the latest, best available medical technologies and supplies
  • Actionable game plans to recover money lost as a result of poor negotiations

These collaborative activities develop invaluable negotiation skills, and empower healthcare staff to hold vendors accountable. In the end, this is one of the most critical aspects of ensuring excellent patient care.

To learn more about negotiation training at your organization, call Lisa Miller at 1-888-484-3332 Ext 501 or email at

negotiation training

VIE was able to collaboratively work with our team to provide the necessary market intelligence to develop negotiation strategies that molded to our organization’s culture, and they were able to educate our stakeholders on their benchmarks and their own success stories while maintaining client confidentiality. VIE consistently went the extra mile with a professional and systematic approach to solving complex issues.
Chief Administration Officer
Southeast Health System

negotiation training