Front-Line Driven Innovation™ EXCITE! Training

Excellence in Creative Ideas within a Team Environment!—EXCITE!

Excite LogoMost hospitals have their very own expense reduction analysts—and they don’t even know it. Hospital staff are uniquely qualified to identify cost-savings opportunities in their work environments. But far too few hospitals take advantage of their employees’ powerful ideas for expense reduction.

Don’t let your hospital ignore its own experts. Instead, leverage your staff’s creativity and knowledge for effective cost-savings initiatives. VIE Healthcare’s EXCITE! program trains hospital employees to reduce costs—and each session guarantees over $100,000 in cost savings for your organization.

Our clients discover savings of up to $1.3 million from employee ideas alone.

Here at VIE, we understand the importance of creating a high-performance culture where everyone is trained in the art of cost-containment creativity.

EXCITE! trains staff at every level, including:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Ancillary staff
  • Department-specific personnel
  • Organization-wide employees

This interactive program enables staff to generate powerful ideas, and gives them the tools to rapidly implement cost-savings strategies. Beyond brainstorming, EXCITE!’s team of expense reduction experts work closely with your staff to turn profit-draining problems into opportunities for savings.

Ideas at Every Level

Simply put, VIE eliminates waste and increases revenues. EXCITE! doesn’t just bring out the creativity in your staff. It also creates a culture that allows the process to continue long after we’re gone.

To discuss bringing EXCITE! to your healthcare organization, call Lisa Miller at 1-888-484-3332 Ext 501 or email at