Total Telecom Management for Healthcare

Total Telcom Management Healthcare
This research report was compiled by Jacqueline Oberst.
Digital transformation means that the definition of telecom services extends far beyond a phone connected to the wall via a cable.
Today, it encompasses the internet, fiber, wireless devices, and the cloud operating across a myriad devices, all now falling within the vast context of the IoT (Internet of Things).
As the emphasis shifts to value based care, hospitals must develop the capabilities to efficiently evaluate their telecommunication data on a monthly basis. Approving invoices based on the premise that the monthly total hasn’t changed can result in the loss of hundreds of thousands dollars for your hospital.
In our experience, 80% of all telecommunication invoices contain errors.

Most hospitals have the opportunity to reduce their telecom costs by between 30% and 55%. Old circuits, underutilized plans, unused and disconnected services can all be embedded in a vendor’s bill. VIE Healthcare® has developed an innovative program that transforms large amounts of your telecom data, into clear, real-time information, every month. That data can then be utilized to optimize services and significantly reduce costs.
To schedule a call with Lisa Miller to discuss bringing a telecommunication cost savings initiative to your hospital or health system, please click here.

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