Seminars Custom-Made for Your Hospital Which Save You Millions of Dollars

Thrive in a Rapidly Changing Industry as Our Expert Seminars Reveal to You Today’s Cutting-edge Technology, Operations and Medical Best Practices

Continuous learning is essential for healthcare organizations. In today’s fast-changing industry, innovation and curiosity are key to quality patient care and sustainable profit growth.

VIE understands the importance of education in healthcare. We make it a point to stay on the cutting edge of technology, operations, hospital purchased services cost reduction, and medical best practices. Our seminars are no exception. We create custom healthcare seminars that keep pace with rapid market changes, providing key insight to organizations across the country.

These half-day events are more comprehensive than keynote speeches, and they span a wide range of topics and formats. Depending on the audience, VIE develops expert seminars on any subject related to the healthcare industry. If you can think of it, we can create a remarkable event around it.

Key components of our seminars include:

  • Fully customized educational content designed to implement real change
  • Actionable ideas and tangible results for audiences to take away
  • Certification programs to certify hospital staff in areas such as expense reduction
  • Interactive role-plays and other hands-on activities to engage audiences
  • A team approach, with multiple VIE experts collaborating to lead the seminar

VIE’s most popular seminar topics include:

  • How to Save Your Hospital Millions of Dollars
  • What the C-Suite Needs to Know about Expense Reduction Initiatives
  • Best Practices for Hospital Leadership to Engage Physicians for Cost & Revenue Improvements
  • Hospital Expense Reduction Specialist Training Program
  • What Every Hospital Executive Should Know about Performance-Based Risk Agreements

Check VIE’s event calendar for upcoming seminars open to the public. Or, if you have an idea for a new seminar, we’d love to hear from you—Please reach out to Denise Bisogno at