Cost Savings for Capital

Obtaining capital equipment is a challenge for hospital departments everywhere. Making repeated requests for new technology can feel like writing a wish list that always goes unanswered. This constant struggle for capital frustrates physicians and hospital staff—and ultimately stagnates patient care. VIE is the standard in reducing costs associated with hospital purchased services.

That’s why VIE created the Cost Savings for Capital program.

We empower hospital departments to self-fund their own capital investments.

By facilitating dramatic cost savings and revenue improvements, VIE gives departments control over their own destinies.

With the Cost Savings for Capital program, hospitals can proactively lead cost-savings initiatives, reallocating funds to projects that improve patient outcomes. The impact is multifaceted: Money is saved, quality care improved, and healthcare innovation fostered.

Key results from this program include:

  • Generating revenue increases to exceed the original amount needed for capital
  • Identifying cost-savings opportunities to enable self-funded capital investments
  • Developing self-reliant hospital departments that can fund their own initiatives
  • Meeting the needs of physicians and patients to improve and innovate quality care

Altogether, these powerful results translate to self-reliance for hospital departments. But the ability to self-fund capital not only benefits individuals departments—it also frees up CEOs and CFOs to spend extra capital on other important hospital initiatives.

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cost savings for capital

VIE is a progressive, enthusiastic company that has a unique expertise in cost-saving strategies and strategic planning. I have been very impressed with the wealth of information and ideas that they have shared in order to help our organization save money and become more efficient. The more we work with VIE, the more opportunities for savings we have identified. I would highly recommend VIE to any organization that is interested in saving money, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.”
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cost savings for capital