Are your hundreds of telecommunication invoices being checked for billing accuracy every month?

If not, we guarantee your healthcare organization is being overcharged, potentially up to hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year.

Unused and disconnected services can be embedded in a vendor’s bill… and that’s not all.

80% of all telecommunication invoices contain errors.

What else might be lurking in your hospital’s telecommunication invoices that you don’t know about?

Taxes, surcharges, and regulatory fees can add up to an additional 36% of unbudgeted monthly costs
Old circuits and underutilized plans
Price increases that weren’t in the original contract
Research shows that billing errors represent between 14% -20% of a vendor invoice.

Based on an annual million dollar spend, this total can be almost $200,000.00 per year in wasted hospital funds.

Does this seem right to you?

It’s time to start being billed fairly and accurately.

Total TeleCom Management for Hospitals – a complimentary digital book – can help you launch a Telecommunication Cost Reduction Initiative in your hospital, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Discover what you can do to end your healthcare organization’s overcharges and start reducing your telecommunications expenses.

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Discover 15 Effective Cost Savings Strategies That Most Hospitals Can Apply Right Now

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