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In this podcast series, VIE Healthcare’s CEO, Lisa Miller, and COO, Rich Dormer, discuss managing healthcare technology spend, as well as several opportunities for healthcare IT and technology cost savings.

Healthcare IT and Technology Statistics and Overview

  • The annual overall healthcare provider spend on IT programs is $40 million
  • Clinical healthcare IT spending alone was $18.9 billion in 2015
  • Healthcare big data is expected to grow 42% by 2019
  • 40% of us healthcare providers report that IT budgets are growing.

How does a hospital or healthcare system effectively budget for this technology and IT growth?

Defining Healthcare IT

How does your hospital define IT? Beyond data warehousing, encryption, and email:

  • Technology touches every department.
  • Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • ACO integrations
  • Telehealth
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • HIM
  • Support services

New Healthcare Technology Pricing and Utilization Benchmarking

Is your hospital paying the best pricing possible in a competitive marketplace?

Accuracy and Healthcare Technology Enterprise Pricing

Check for inaccuracies (functionality being under-used or not used at all, duplicate software and licensing, optimization of licenses)

Multi-hospital systems merging under vendor enterprise pricing agreements

Healthcare IT and Technology Pricing Structure Breakdown

Break down pricing structures and proposals for leverage where benchmarking data and insights are limited and make negotiating difficult – as in the case of brand new technology.

Ask questions: How is the pricing structure built? How are the costs calculated? What is the baseline?

Evaluating Your Healthcare Technology ROI

Identify “nice-to-haves,” or non-critical software and technology

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