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Lisa Miller

What Led You to Start VIE Healthcare?

The first ‘a-ha’ moment to start VIE Healthcare came when I saved the materials manager of a hospital $250,000 in one specific area. Those cost savings were the result of a single casual conversation. From that moment I was hooked on identifying cost savings for hospitals and healthcare organizations. My early career in healthcare expanded

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Cost Reduction
Jim Cagliostro

Non-Labor Cost Savings Initiative

This research report was compiled by Jim Cagliostro. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the danger of health systems continuing to function on narrow or negative operating margins. It has confirmed to healthcare leaders that, when hospital finances are under severe and constant pressure, there is minimal room for error and zero room to respond effectively to

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The Only Constant in Healthcare is Change featured
Cost Savings
Lisa Miller

The Only Constant in Healthcare is Change

This article was written by Lisa Miller. Albert Einstein gave his students at Princeton the exact same final exam every semester for twenty years. After just a couple of years, his students figured out the predictability of the questions, and so did his fellow professors. One of his peers asked him why he continued to

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