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Validating Approach Conversations With VIE
Conversations With VIE
Rich Dormer

Validating Approach – Conversations With VIE

 This video was brought to you by Rich Dormer and Pandush Mitre. In this video, we discuss VIE Healthcare’s three-step process to validate proposals. Our proposal validation process helps find and resolve errors through these steps: 1. Look at the requirements We make sure that the hospitals we’re working with know exactly what is

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Negotiation Training For Healthcare Leaders
VIE Healthcare Blogs
Lisa Miller

Negotiation Training For Healthcare Leaders

This article was written by Lisa Miller. Successful negotiation is central to any business but especially so in the healthcare sector, which is why VIE Healthcare Consulting offers dedicated negotiation training for healthcare leaders. All care providers, from hospitals to post-acute care organizations, must constantly negotiate with their vendors in order to secure market-competitive pricing.

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How VIE Can Help

VIE Healthcare Consulting helps hospitals reduce costs while improving the patient experience. Learn more about the simple 3 step process to work with us.
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