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Purchased Services
Lisa Miller

4 Mission Critical Requirements For Your Outsourced Agreements

All hospitals rely on outsourced agreements and services to deliver quality patient care, but they are complex, with financial and operational implications. In this new blog series, we will cover the four mission critical requirements to effectively manage your outsourced agreements (also referred to as purchased services). In this introductory article, we highlight those four

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Cost Saving Initiative Conversations With VIE
Conversations With VIE
Lisa Miller

Cost Saving Initiatives – Conversations With VIE

  This video was brought to you by Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer. In this video, Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer present a controversial idea surrounding cost savings at your hospital. Namely, that your cost saving initiatives are a delayed reaction to effective cost management systems. And, unless a major red flag comes up, hospitals

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Cost Savings
Lisa Miller

4 Steps To Financial Recovery During COVID-19

This article was written by Lisa Miller. As the healthcare sector continues to navigate its way through the global crisis, hospitals are seeking ways to take steps to financial recovery during COVID-19.  According to one report from the American Hospital Association, revenues and volumes “have fallen off a cliff.” Hospitals are predicted to lose approximately $323

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