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Total Telcom Management Healthcare
Research Reports
Jacqueline Oberst

Total Telecom Management for Healthcare

This research report was compiled by Jacqueline Oberst. Digital transformation means that the definition of telecom services extends far beyond a phone connected to the wall via a cable. Today, it encompasses the internet, fiber, wireless devices, and the cloud operating across a myriad devices, all now falling within the vast context of the IoT

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How to Achieve Cost Reduction through Real Time Visibility into Telecommunication Data
Cost Reduction
Jacqueline Oberst

How to Achieve Cost Reduction Through Real-Time Visibility Into Telecommunication Data

This article was written by Jacqueline Oberst. Telecommunication sustainability is the key to managing costs. Operational sustainability of cost reduction through real-time visibility into telecommunication data will result in high performing management of line item costs, services, inventory and effective contract management. In order to achieve maximum optimization and contain charges, your hospital must have

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