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Hidden Fees Conversations With VIE
Conversations With VIE
Bryan Covert

Hidden Fees – Conversations With VIE

 This video was brought to you by Bryan Covert. Let’s discuss hidden fees and their financial impact on healthcare organizations. Often, when utilization needs to be projected for the implementation of new services (if historical utilization doesn’t exist) we find that revisiting certain agreements after a year or two shows that an “all you can

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3 Steps to a Total Management Cost Savings Approach Reconciliation
Cost Savings
Pandush Mitre

3 Steps to a Total Management Cost Savings Approach: Reconciliation

This article was written by Pandush Mitre. The implementation of a sustainable cost savings and management system in your healthcare organization begins with the reconciliation of your existing contracts and invoices. This is achievable with three steps to a total management cost savings approach. In this article, I will share how VIE Healthcare Consulting is creating

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Invoice ROI
Lisa Miller

The New ROI – Invoice ROI™: Reconciliation, Optimization, Intelligence

This article was written by Lisa Miller. VIE Healthcare has been at the forefront of purchased services technology since 1999. Our expertise has resulted in a patented technology which guarantees margin improvement – Invoice ROI™ – the new ROI for healthcare. Purchased services spend can account for up to 45% of a hospital’s non-labor spend.

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