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Why Your Hospital Must Embrace Telehealth Now
Telemedicine Consulting
Jim Cagliostro

Why Your Hospital Must Embrace Telehealth Now

This article was written by Jim Cagliostro. Investing in telehealth is a win-win for your organization and for your patients. Here’s why your hospital must embrace telehealth now. Healthcare, What’s Your Problem? According to a 2017 study, when it comes to digital transformation, ‘healthcare firms typically lag about a decade behind other industries in adopting

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MoreonAchievingaWorld ClassSupplyChain
Supply Chain Management
Lisa Miller

More on Achieving a World-Class Supply Chain

As promised, we’re continuing our discussion on achieving a world-class supply chain. If you missed part one, click here for the first post in the series. Achieving supply chain superiority can be difficult without a better supply cost management system. If you’re unsure of the efficiency of your current arrangement, this might be something you

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Contract Management Best Practices

Avoiding the Common Mistakes that Cost Hospitals Millions of Dollars Annually By: Lisa T. Miller, MHA Organizations could realize savings that equal to 2% of total annual costs by eliminating inaccuracies and noncompliance through contract management automation. – Pricewaterhouse CoopersTherefore, a hospital spending $30 million could save $600,000 annually with an effective contract management system.

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