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improve profitability at your hospital featured
Cost Savings
Lisa Miller

5 Ways to Improve Profitability In Your Hospital

This article was written by Lisa Miller. Financial pressures remain a challenge for many health systems.1 As hospital leaders look for more effective ways to implement effective long-term cost savings across their organization, we suggest five ways to improve profitability in your hospital. They are: 1. Administrative costs The cost of administration in US healthcare

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Purchased Services
Lisa Miller

Access To Line Item Details Saves Your Hospital Money

This article was written by Lisa Miller. In a recent article, I outlined the four mission critical requirements that every hospital needs for effective management of your outsourced agreements. Access to your line item details is the first mission critical component. Purchased services – or your outsourced agreements – probably comprise around 50% of your hospital’s

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Research Proven SDOH Strategies For Your Hospital Part 1 featured
Patient Experience Consulting
Lisa Miller

Research Proven SDOH Strategies For Your Hospital: Part 1

This article was written by Lisa Miller. In my previous blog, I explained the importance of assessing your hospital for SDOH readiness. The next step is to implement research-proven SDOH strategies for your hospital. This article is the first part of those strategies. Introduction Multiple federal, state and private initiatives have been focused on a

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