Steps to Ensure Trust By Staff & Patients After the Pandemic

Steps to Ensure Trust By Staff Patients After the Pandemic featured 1
This research report was compiled by Sue Farkas and Jim Cagliostro.
As healthcare providers, our ability to care for our patients before, during, and as we recover from the effects of COVID-19, has been and will continue to be put to the test. Our patients and our staff have endured much, and long to return to life as it used to be.
But, healthcare has been pushed to the brink during this period and reestablishing “normality” is not straightforward for hospital leaders.
Furthermore, with the continual media coverage related to the pandemic and the conflicting nature of the guidance offered, both our staff and employees must look to us for strong leadership, compassion, expert guidance, and assurance in our ability to keep them safe.
Central to that is trust.
A 2017 study noted that trust in physicians means that patients are more likely to follow treatment recommendations and be more satisfied with the level of care.

In this report, we explore ways in which to create (where necessary), rebuild, and maintain this trust, beginning with the critical trust required between healthcare leaders and
their employees.
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