Hospital Outsourced Advisory Services

Make Outsourcing Work

20-25% of outsourcing agreements fail within two years.

This is a huge risk to your finances.

On the other hand, when it succeeds, outsourcing decreases costs, increases your operational flexibility, and encourages innovation. But most importantly, it gives you the freedom to focus on your core business capabilities.

So how do you make outsourcing work in healthcare?
We have spent nearly two decades developing the answer.

Our healthcare analysts and executive management team will work with your hospital to define the best in-source or outsource delivery model for you, and implement it.

If you decide to outsource, we will work closely with your team in order to guarantee best practices in quality process improvements.

Increasingly, outsourcing is not just a make-or-buy decision; it’s a make-or-break decision.

In order to help you make the most of outsourcing, we use a powerful process consisting of:

  • End-to-end implementation of critical clinical outsourcing initiatives
  • Tangible improvements to hospitals’ existing outsourcing functions
  • A unique, coherent combination of strategic advisory and operational experience
  • Expert management of outsourcing agreements tied to:
    • Revenue,
    • Supply costs,
    • Rebates,
    • And performance metrics.

In addition, we’ll help you:

  • Decide which of your hospital’s activities are best to outsource
  • Find out when to outsource, and when to in-source.
  • Define your needs and assess potential suppliers
  • Negotiate the right pricing and terms based on the current marketplace
  • Create contracts with performance criteria and penalties for non-performance
  • Create a balanced, metric-driven outsourcing process
  • Provide accurate financial analysis of outsourcing initiatives
  • Review ongoing outsourcing agreements for financial and performance improvement opportunities

Our clients gain an additional financial improvement between 16-30% or more annually from outsourced initiatives when they contract us to benchmark and monitor their agreements.

So call us today and schedule a review of your current outsourcing agreements, and let us improve their quality, performance, and costs for you.  We provide all new clients with a “Proof of Concept” engagement. Email Lisa Miller at to learn about this no charge offering for new clients.

And if you’re a hospital executive, request our special report “How to Insure Quality and Financial High Performance from Your Outsourced Providers” by e-mailing Denise Bisogno at or calling (732) 359-7646, Extension 500.