Physician Preference Item Cost Reduction Services

As hospitals around the country tighten budgets to fight rising purchased services costs, purchase management is increasingly important. The most successful healthcare organizations know how to optimize the purchasing process for every product. But some purchases are more challenging than others.

Physician preference items are commonly the most expensive products ordered by hospitals—and they present a host of challenges to hospitals that aren’t prepared.

In addition to their high price, preference items vary widely in terms of quality. This variability makes it difficult to streamline their purchasing. Preference items also involve influential stakeholders in the hospital, making them difficult to manage effectively.

Preference items could be costing you millions of excess dollars every year. VIE can help.

Our comprehensive approach to preference item optimization includes the following steps:

  1. Physician engagement: Initiating discussions with physicians early and often, and including clinician education on supply chain and cost-savings initiatives.
  2. Data gathering: VIE is known for our data-based approach, which gives purchasing managers a complete understanding of current spend.
  3. Analysis: In addition to gathering data, VIE performs extensive research and analysis, determining opportunities for cost savings.
  4. Negotiation: VIE leadership is unrivalled in our field at negotiating with suppliers, achieving the best market pricing for our clients.
  5. Implementation: VIE follows through on all engagements, ensuring successful implementation of new products and contracts.

Let VIE teach your hospital how to effectively manage preference items to dramatically cut costs while streamlining a challenging process.

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