Interim Hospital Supply Chain Support

When your hospital is dealing with regulatory changes, purchased services, or other major transitions, the last thing you need is an unforeseen problem to rock the boat. That’s where VIE Healthcare comes in. Our unique interim supply chain support offers hospitals a secure solution to operations management during periods of transition.

For supply chain support where and when it counts, you can count on VIE.

With our support, hospitals get more than just continuity and stability. Our powerful approach to interim supply chain support includes:

  • Leadership from VIE’s senior consultants, experts in supply chain management who have held senior positions within hospitals
  • On-site support for critical supply chain needs, such as contracting, strategic sourcing, and integration
  • Implementation of cutting-edge services, training, and mentorship for hospital-wide supply chain improvement

VIE’s interim specialists work closely with clients to deliver customized services based on specific operational needs. VIE has the knowledge, experience, and resources to resolve key supply chain issues and rapidly improve your organization.

Make your next period of transition a time of positive change for your hospital. Please reach out to Denise Bisogno at